Can I Return Makeup To Walmart? (2022 Updated)

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There are many reasons consumers might want to return makeup products.

Finding the right color or tone is difficult when it comes to makeup, along with the right ingredients for your specific skin type.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s comforting knowing the makeup product can be returned if it doesn’t work.

Many store return policies can be difficult to understand.

Can I Return Makeup to Walmart?

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Yes, you can return makeup to Walmart within 90 days of purchase.

Though their website doesn’t specify, it’s best to keep your makeup’s original packaging for an easier return process.

You also don’t technically need to have your original receipt, as purchases can be pulled up by credit card, Walmart’s internal system, or through

However, it will probably make your return process smoother if you do have your receipt.

Walmart doesn’t specify if the makeup has to be unopened or not to receive your refund, so it’s safe to assume it can be opened or unopened.

However, the fine print in Walmart’s returns policy states that “the store manager retains final authority to accept or decline any item that is eligible for return.”


How Do You Return Makeup to Walmart?

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Walmart has made its return process extremely easy and accessible to its customers, and this applies to makeup returns as well.

You can make your makeup return either in-store or through the mail using

If you purchased your makeup through, you can start your return by pulling up your order and continuing the return steps.

Then you’ll mail your makeup back and wait for your return to process and show back up in your bank account.

The amount of time before you see your refund in your account will vary based on shipping and processing times.

You can also return your makeup in-store, whether you purchased it in-store or online.

Take your makeup product, original packaging (if you still have it), and receipt (if you have it) to the return counter at any Walmart.

There, a Walmart associate will process your return.

If you do not have your receipt, they may be able to find your purchase through a credit card.

If you paid in cash and do not have your original receipt, they may offer you a cash return, in-store credit, or exchange.

Again, it’s at the discretion of the Store Manager.

Though makeup purchased on Walmart Marketplace falls under the same return policy, “items purchased from dealers or resellers and not Walmart or directly aren’t eligible for return, refund, or exchange.”

Therefore, it’s best to make sure you know where your makeup is coming from before purchasing, as it may be ineligible for return if purchased online.


How Do You Return Makeup Through Walmart Marketplace?

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The return process for items purchased through Walmart Marketplace is a little different than through or in-store.

Walmart Marketplace employs a minimum 30-day return policy for most items, though some electronics only allow a 14-day return period.

After the minimum requirement is met, it’s up to the Marketplace seller to state or enforce their own return policy.

Most makeup—and products in general—on Walmart Marketplace do not require a return shipping fee, but it’s best to check directly with the seller to confirm their return shipping process and fees.

It should be noted that certain cosmetics may be considered hazmat items or hazardous materials.

Returns on these items must be discussed with the seller, though Walmart may assist in the transaction.

These items may require a specialized return procedure and cannot be returned in-store.

You can, however, return most makeup or cosmetic items purchased through Walmart Marketplace in-store.

To do this, take your item to the return desk at any Walmart where they will then package it and ship it back for you.

The return process requires some patience though as it might take up to 48 hours to receive your tracking information and another 48 hours to see your refund show up in your account after your item is received by the Marketplace Return Center.


What Are Walmart’s Returns Exceptions?

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For some items, Walmart makes exceptions to its return policy.

The exception might either limit the return period or extend it, depending on the product.

Some of these exceptions include some types of electronic equipment and wireless phones.

For example, most wireless phones can be returned within 14 days of purchase, while PC parts like motherboards, RAM, and graphics cards must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

After the 30-day return period is over, some PC component returns default to the manufacturer.

Other Walmart products that fall in the 30-day return policy period include electronics like hoverboards, electric scooters, Verizon postpaid wireless phones, and protection plans, like Walmart protection plans and AppleCare+.

Lawn and garden plants, like trees, perennials, and shrubs can be returned within one year of purchase in-store.

While most products can be returned at any Walmart store regardless of where the original purchase took place, unopened tobacco and alcohol products can only be returned to the original store they were purchased from.

Though many Walmart products can be returned after being opened and used, or at least gently used, home appliances, like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens/stoves, must be uninstalled, unused, and with their original packaging.

The same goes for toilets, toilet bowls, and urinals as well as tires.

Some items are only available for exchange if unopened, such as unlocked wireless phones, drones, air beds/air mattresses, and medical equipment, such as walkers, mobility scooters, crutches, and pulse oximeters.

Refer to Walmart’s return policy specifics for the dates of eligible exchanges for these products, as it varies from 14 to 90 days depending on the product.



Where Else Can You Return Makeup?

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Like Walmart, you can return opened or unopened makeup to Target within 90 days of purchase.

Of course, they will not accept a 100% used makeup product as a return.

If you paid with your Target Redcard, you get an additional 30 days to decide on your return.

You can also return makeup products to beauty megastore Ulta within 60 days of purchase.

After 60 days or if you do not have the original receipt and the purchase cannot be looked up, you may receive an in-store credit.

Items without original receipts can be looked up either using the credit card you used to purchase the item or your Ultamate Member ID.

Ulta items purchased through or the Ulta Beauty App can either be returned online or in-store.

Beauty store Sephora has a slightly stricter return policy, as their makeup products must be returned within 30 days of purchase in order to receive a full refund.

Returns made 31 to 60 days after purchase are eligible for in-store credit.

Sephora also states the item must be unopened or gently used to be considered for return.

Like at Ulta, you can return your makeup items either in-store or online and ship them back via FedEx.

It can take up to 30 days to receive your refund when returning via mail.

Though there are Sephora locations inside Kohl’s and JCPenney’s, purchases made at these locations must be returned to Sephora in either the Kohl’s or JCPenney’s location where it was purchased.

Items purchased at these locations cannot be returned to a regular Sephora store.

If purchasing makeup at a department store, it’s best to read that store’s return policy before purchase to verify the possibility of return.

If purchasing from a direct manufacturer online, each company will have a different return policy, many of them not as lenient as Walmart, so it’s best to check the return policy before buying.

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