Do Girls Like Guys with Beards? (10 Reasons They Do)

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Beards can be a hassle to grow, and there’s no shortage of different styles men can choose.

Some guys might even find more luck with girls who find beards attractive.

Knowing why girls might find guys with beards attractive can help you determine whether you should grow your beard or not.


Do Girls Like Guys with Beards? (10 Reasons They Do)


1. Appear More Masculine

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One of the reasons some girls like guys with beards is that it can make a guy appear more masculine.

While a guy doesn’t necessarily need a beard to be masculine, some girls out there believe that a guy looks more masculine with one.

That’s largely because it’s a bit more difficult, although not impossible, for girls to grow beards.

Girls often have soft hair on their faces.

It’s sometimes light in color and sometimes dark.

In most cases, the hair doesn’t grow very long.

It’s more similar to peach fuzz than actual hair.

Guys, on the other hand, can grow a lot of hair on their faces.

The hair tends to be darker in color or matches the color of the hair on top of their heads.

Most importantly, it tends to grow a bit coarser.

It isn’t as soft as the hair on the faces of girls.

It can also grow to be quite thick.

Since this is something that most men do, as opposed to women, it’s seen as a more masculine trait.

The thicker and longer the beard is, the more masculine the guy appears to be.

Some girls are attracted to men who look stereotypically masculine.

As such, those girls likely enjoy a thick beard on their partners.

Girls like guys with beards because it’s a stereotypical marker of masculinity.


2. They Find Beards Attractive

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Some girls also just find beards attractive.

One of the fun things about beards is that you can style them in many different ways.

Men can braid them to resemble Vikings or fantasy dwarves.

They can keep their beards trimmed to look more posh or modern.

Others might focus on their mustaches and style them to complement their beards.

There’s no shortage of different styles a man can have with his beard.

Some girls might like certain beard styles.

They might believe that it enhances a man’s beauty.

It makes him look more handsome or dashing.

Without the beard, the guy might not look quite as handsome.

Their beard may be a defining feature for him.

Much like a girl might like a guy with long hair because the hair makes him look more attractive, some girls like guys with beards because it makes them look more attractive.

Girls like guys with beards because they find the beard itself attractive and believe it adds to the guy’s looks.


3. Indicates Better Health

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Having a beard can also indicate better health.

In order to grow a beard, there are two main components.

On the one hand, you need to have a particular set of genes.

If beards don’t really grow in your family, then it’s unlikely you’re going to grow a beard.

On the other hand, you need to be in good health.

Hair growth relies on protein, calories, and a number of other vitamins running through your body.

If you’re facing malnutrition, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to grow a beard very well.

It might be patchy or even falling out.

Men who grow thick beards tend to be in good health, have the genes required to grow beards, and also tend to have higher levels of testosterone.

It’s testosterone that turns the peach fuzz on the body’s skin into coarser, thicker hair.

Even if you have normal levels of testosterone in your body, you might be sensitive to the hormone.

That can result in a thicker beard as well.

One of the most important elements is nutrition.

If you don’t have good nutrition, then your body will start to show it.

Girls tend to like guys with beards because having a beard suggests that the guy is healthy.

At the very least, it suggests that he’s able to feed himself and is eating well.

The health of a person can be quite important to a prospective partner.

If they plan on having children with their partner, they need to know that the partner is healthy enough to have children.

It also helps to know whether they need to worry about any problems their children might face.

Guys with beards seem healthier, so they’re a logical choice for a partner.

Girls like guys with beards because they seem healthier.


4. Shows Confidence

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Having a beard can also make a man seem more confident.

There’s a lot of love and hate over beards.

Some people love the look of a good beard while others hate it.

Beards are also changing with different fashion trends.

For a long time, beards weren’t fashionable.

If you had a beard, you appeared rough, uneducated, or coarse.

Fashion is swinging back in favor of beards.

These days, men seem hip, masculine, or educated with a beard.

Not every guy feels as though he can pull off a beard, however.

Those who do manage to grow one tend to look more confident.

Part of the reason they look more confident is that they look a tad more intimidating.

There’s something about a big, thick beard that can make someone look a bit more menacing.

However, with that intimidating presence also comes confidence.

Some men who have beards are also just more sure of themselves.

They feel comfortable in their own skin.

Confidence is attractive to some girls.

They like knowing that a guy feels good about himself and is sure of himself.

Girls like guys with beards because they can often appear confident.


5. Sometimes Seem More Approachable

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While some men look quite intimidating with beards, some girls find guys with beards to be more approachable.

They might have memories of their fathers or grandfathers with beards.

Since they equate those good memories with beards, they might find it easier to approach guys with beards.

There’s also the stereotype of a big bear with a soft tummy.

A guy might look intimidating with his beard, but he’s actually nothing but a softie.

Because this stereotype is common, girls tend to feel a bit safer and more comfortable around guys with beards.

They believe that the guy will protect them, but they’ll also be gentle with them.

Being approachable is important for girls.

If they don’t feel safe approaching a guy, then they’re not going to want to have anything to do with him.

Girls like guys with beards because they often find them more approachable.


6. Some Beards Feel Nice

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While some people believe that beards feel quite coarse and scratchy, others enjoy that sensation.

In particular, some girls don’t mind snuggling into a beard because it feels nice or comforting.

At the very least, a beard can make them feel warm.

Much like the hair on the rest of the body, hair on a guy’s face can trap heat.

When you snuggle into a beard, you’re basically adding your warmth to the area.

Some girls might like feeling that warmth, especially when it’s cold.

Others just find the sensation comforting.

Guys who oil their beards or use some sort of cologne in their beards might also smell nice.

A girl might like to bury herself in the scent of the cologne since it reminds her of her partner.

The experience can be quite comforting for girls.

They may not be able to enjoy that experience with a guy who doesn’t have a beard.

Cuddling into their bare skin, for example, doesn’t provide quite the same warmth or sensation as a beard.

Girls like guys with beards because they enjoy the sensation of the beard.


7. Can Indicate Maturity

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Some girls might also believe that a guy with a beard looks more mature.

That isn’t always the case, but it can give the appearance of maturity.

For one, that’s because beards can make a man look older.

When someone looks older, they tend to look or appear more mature.

There’s an element of experience there.

A man with a beard tends to look as though he has some level of experience.

Girls might find that attractive because they don’t have time to waste on immature guys.

They want someone they can depend on.

They want someone who can meet their level of maturity and take certain things seriously.

Since men with beards appear more mature, girls tend to gravitate toward them.

Girls like guys with beards because it can suggest that the guy is mature.


8. Shows Commitment

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Growing a beard is a commitment.

It can take a very long time for a long, thick beard to grow.

Some men might be able to grow a beard in a few months.

Other men might need a few years before their beard reaches the length they want.

It isn’t as simple as just letting the hair grow on a guy’s face either.

There’s some element of maintenance that the guy needs to perform to ensure the beard grows correctly.

Otherwise, it may look messy and unkempt.

Growing a beard often suggests that the guy is open to commitment.

Since he can commit such time and care to his beard, he can likely do the same in other areas of his life, too.

A girl looking for a long-term commitment might find that attractive in a guy.

It might give her some confidence that this guy is likely going to have the same goals as her.

Some girls like guys with beards because it can suggest that they’re capable of long-term commitments.


9. Indicates Hygiene Regime

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An important part of having a beard is cleaning it.

A man who doesn’t clean his beard isn’t going to look or smell great.

Beards can trap oils, food, dandruff, and skin cells in them.

They can become matted and smelly if they’re not cared for.

A guy who properly cares for his beard tends to look well and smells great.

As such, girls can often determine how hygienic a man is from the state of his beard.

If the beard looks clean and healthy, then the girl knows that the guy takes care of himself.

If it isn’t clean, it suggests that the guy doesn’t care about himself that much.

That might be a turn-off for some girls.

As such, girls appreciate guys with beards because it gives them a chance to determine just how hygienic they are.

Hygiene can sometimes play a bigger role in a relationship than most realize.

Girls like guys with beards because it helps them determine how hygienic the guy is.


10. Can Make a Guy Look Older

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A final reason some girls like guys with beards is that the beard can make them look older.

Maturity is one thing, but some girls value guys who look older than they are.

When a guy looks older, he tends to look as though he has a lot of experience.

Some girls feel more confident around older guys because they know they can rely on their experience.

If they’re unsure about something, then the older guy can give them some advice based on their own experiences.

There’s also some natural attraction.

Some girls simply find older-looking guys attractive.

Without a beard, some guys can look quite young.

It’s where the term “baby face” comes from.

With a beard, the guy can look older and more experienced.

Girls like guys with beards because the beard can sometimes make them look older.

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