Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair? (10 Reasons They Do)

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Curly hair can be difficult to manage and style since it can be quite thick and coarse.

However, some guys might find that their curly hair is exactly the reason girls like them.

If you have curly hair, then you may wonder why girls like that aspect about you.


Do Girls Like Guys with Curly Hair? (10 Reasons They Do)


1. Unique Hair

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Curly hair is not common.

Only around 11% of the world’s population have curly hair.

Because it’s not such a common trait, people with curly hair tend to be quite rare and unique.

They stand out in a crowd of people.

As such, some girls take notice.

Some appreciate a guy who looks a bit different than the rest.

Not everyone wants a cookie-cutter guy who looks like just everyone else.

Guys with curly hair tend to look a bit more unique.

That might also help them stand out in different ways.

For example, if they’re already standing out from the crowd, then a girl might have some initial interest immediately.

It might prompt her to talk to the guy and learn more about him.

In learning more about him, she might discover that they have some things in common.

The fact that they were able to connect is thanks to the fact that he had curly hair and stood out from the others.

Girls that appreciate uniqueness tend to like guys with curly hair.


2. It’s Soft and Feels Good

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An aspect of curly hair that tends to be a bit among ladies is the fact that it’s quite soft.

Curly hair is often a bit softer than other styles of hair because it tends to be more natural.

Part of the reason curly hair tends to be a bit softer than straight hair is that it locks moisture in a bit better.

When hair is curly, it’s condensed in on itself.

It doesn’t leave a lot of room for air to pass through the strands.

Anyone who has curly hair will tell you that it can be a nightmare to brush.

Since it doesn’t allow as much air to pass through, it remains hydrated.

Hydration makes hair soft.

As such, if you were to pass your hand through a person’s curly hair, there’s a good chance that it will feel quite soft.

This is different from straight hair.

Straight hair becomes dry a lot faster.

It’s easier for the air to pass through strands of straight hair.

As a result, those who have straight hair may need to use some sort of moisturizing agent to keep their hair soft.

Girls might appreciate a guy who has soft hair.

It feels nice to play with and press their face against.

Girls like guys with curly hair because curly hair tends to be on the softer side.


3. Natural Attraction to Curly Hair

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Curly hair might also just be an attractive feature that some girls enjoy.

Attraction is almost unexplainable.

There’s no specific reason someone might find certain features attractive.

It just is.

For example, some girls like guys with curly hair, and some girls like guys who look like bad boys.

There may be some sort of event in their past that launched the attraction, but in most cases, it’s just there.

As such, some girls like guys with curly hair because they simply find curly hair attractive.

They might also have their own standards for curly hair.

For example, some girls might like curly hair that’s wavier rather than tightly curled.

Other girls might prefer the opposite.

Some girls might like long, curly hair while other girls like short, curly hair.

Even if a girl is attracted to guys with curly hair, that attraction might have certain standards, too.

That’s good news for guys with curly hair.

If you have curly hair, there’s a chance that there’s a girl out there who finds you attractive simply because of your curls.

Girls like guys with curly hair because they have a natural attraction to curly hair.


4. Can Seem Playful

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To some girls, having curly hair can suggest that the guy is playful.

Guys with curly hair are often called “boyish.”

There’s something about curly hair that tends to make people look a bit younger.

Part of that is likely due to the increased amount of curly heads when you’re young.

For example, children tend to have curly hair.

As they grow, their curls start to straighten out.

As a result, curly heads are often related to youth.

When a grown man has curly hair, it can make him look a bit younger.

That youthful appearance can also make him appear more playful.

Older-looking men tend to look more serious or even grim.

Guys who look young come with the stereotype that they’re more playful and energetic.

Some girls might appreciate that in a guy.

If they’re light-hearted or free-spirited, they might think that a guy with curly hair is the same way.

They’re both playful people.

Having curly hair also suggests that you’re playful because it shows that you chose to embrace your curls rather than straighten them.

You chose to have a more fun hairstyle rather than one that a lot of people adopt.

Some girls appreciate that decision.

Girls like guys with curly hair because it suggests that they’re playful.


5. Can Sometimes Demonstrate Creativity

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Some girls might also think that a guy with curly hair is creative.

There’s a common misunderstanding that if you have curly hair, then you can’t wear it with many hairstyles.

That isn’t the case.

You just have to be creative.

Curly hair can be a bit more difficult to manage or form, but if you’re creative, you can come up with some attractive hairstyles.

Straight hair is a lot easier to manage.

As such, a lot of coverage when it comes to hairstyles goes to people with straight hair.

Because of how common straight hair is, girls have seen all there is to see when it comes to hairstyles for guys.

It doesn’t exactly suggest that the guy is creative when he has the same haircut as many guys before him.

Since guys with curly hair have to be a bit more creative with their haircuts and hairstyles, they seem more creative.

Creative girls might appreciate that.

They appreciate the extra thought and care that the guy took to make himself stand out.

It wasn’t enough just to have curly hair.

He took the creative initiative to wear his hair in a way that few others are doing.

Some girls like guys with curly hair because it suggests that they may be creative.


6. Makes Him Look Young or Boyish

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As mentioned earlier, guys with curly hair tend to look a bit younger.

It comes back to that stereotype of children having curly hair before it starts to straighten with age.

If guys hold onto their curly hair as they grow older, then they always tend to look a bit younger.

Some girls find boyish guys to be quite attractive.

They might think that they look cute.

Others might think that they’re more approachable because they look more friendly.

Older guys can sometimes look intimidating or stern.

Not every girl finds that type of person very approachable.

They might not be as interested in speaking to them.

A guy who looks young, boyish, and friendly, however, is a lot easier for them to approach.

They might also have some sort of preference for that youthful energy that the guy exudes.

If the girl is someone who loves the outdoors or traveling, then she might want someone who seems young and full of energy to be her partner.

Girls like guys with curly hair because they seem younger or boyish.


7. Expresses Confidence

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Because curly hair isn’t that common, some girls might think that a guy who has curly hair has somewhat more confidence.

For one, there’s always a chance that the guy experiences some form of bullying or teasing for his hair.

Since it makes him stand out, it’s also easier for people to gang up on him.

The fact that some guys with curly hair look younger might also increase those chances.

They might appear as though they’re weaker or unable to defend themselves because they look young.

Some guys with curly hair might cave to the pressure and start straightening their hair.

Those who keep their curly hair and wear it with pride tend to express more confidence in themselves.

They’re comfortable in their own skin.

Some girls are very attracted to more confident men.

They feel safer around them because there’s an element of reassurance there.

The guy can keep them safe because he knows himself and his capabilities.

Confidence is often an attractive feature to some girls.

Girls like guys with curly hair because they can sometimes appear confident.


8. Can Suggest They’re Energetic

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Because guys with curly hair can look younger, it also suggests that they have a bit more energy.

Youth and energy go hand in hand.

A very energetic girl might want an equally energetic partner.

She might have plans for the future that include seeing new places or becoming involved in her local community.

For her, an ideal partner is someone who can match her energy.

Since a guy with curly hair looks younger, there’s a greater chance that she might see him as someone with a lot of energy.

That might be an attractive quality to her.

Girls like guys with curly hair because they can appear as though they have a lot of energy.


9. Suggests They’re Non-Conformist

Smiling man with curly hair


Because curly hair isn’t as common as straight hair, some guys might feel pressure to conform.

They want to blend in with the other guys in society.

This might be especially true for guys who face some sort of bullying or teasing for their curly hair.

They might choose to straighten their hair to look more like the other guys.

Some girls appreciate guys with curly hair because it suggests that they’re non-conformists.

They don’t allow peer pressure or societal standards to dictate how they should wear their hair.

Some girls who appreciate guys who are non-conformists are likely non-conformists, themselves.

They value that in a guy.

This also bleeds into the uniqueness factor.

Non-conformists tend to be more individualistic and unique.

Guys with curly hair are a bit more unique because of the rarity of their hair.

Girls like guys with curly because they’re often seen as non-conformists.


10. They Also Have Curly Hair

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A final reason some girls like guys with curly hair is that they also have curly hair.

A girl with curly hair knows the sort of problems that a guy with curly hair goes through.

It’s a feature that they can bond over.

They can share that experience together.

Some girls might also value a guy with curly hair because they want their children to have curly hair, too.

There’s an important genetic appeal to them.

Otherwise, having curly hair might just be attractive to girls because they have curly hair, themselves.

Girls like guys with curly hair because sometimes they have curly hair, too, which lets them bond easier.

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