Do Girls Like Guys With Earrings? (10 Reasons They Do)

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It’s more acceptable today than it has been in the past for guys to wear earrings.

Because of that, more and more guys are discovering that some girls like guys with earrings.

Before you have your ears pierced, you may wonder what it is about earrings that girls like in a guy.


Do Girls Like Guys with Earrings? (10 Reasons They Do)


1. Goes with Their Style

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Earrings are accessories, and as such, they can help bring your style together.

They can also completely ruin a style.

One of the best things about earrings is that they have tons of different types.

There are small earrings that come in different shapes like skulls or flowers.

There are large earrings like hoops or dangling earrings that contain jewels.

Some earrings embed into the earlobe while others hang from it.

Because there are tons of different earrings, it means guys who wear earrings can have them match their style.

Some guys know how to wear earrings well.

The earrings enhance their looks and style.

Some girls appreciate a guy who has a great sense of style.

If the earrings add to the style, then they’re going to like the guy who wears them, too.

It indicates that the guy knows how to dress.

To some girls, knowing how to dress and enhance one’s appearance is important.

It shows that the guy cares enough about himself to accessorize.

That sort of commitment might be attractive to a girl.

Girls like guys with earrings because they can show off a certain style that they enjoy.


2. Natural Attraction to Guys with Earrings

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Some girls are just naturally attracted to guys with earrings.

Attraction is an odd experience and feeling.

You might suddenly feel attracted to a friend you’ve known for years.

Nothing may have changed, but you’re suddenly feeling attracted.

Many different factors can lead to attraction.

Even something like the way someone smells can attract you to them.

As such, some girls might like guys with earrings because they find earrings attractive on a guy.

The girl may have lived in an environment where earrings on guys are normal.

As such, she’s used to seeing guys wearing earrings.

That’s normal to her.

It’s stranger for her to see guys without earrings.

She might find guys who wear earrings to be more attractive because it’s what she’s known her entire life.

It’s just like how some girls find guys with long hair.

There’s either something in their past or some sort of biological stimulant that attracts them to the guy.

Some girls like guys with earrings because they are naturally attracted to guys who wear earrings.


3. Demonstrates Individuality

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While a guy wearing earrings has become a bit more popular and normalized, it still isn’t mainstream just yet.

As such, when a guy chooses to wear earrings, it can often suggest that he’s an individualist.

Wearing earrings gives him a chance to show off his individuality.

This usually means that it acts as a way for him to demonstrate his personal expression.

This might mean that the guy wears rainbow-tinted earrings to express a certain aspect of himself.

Someone might wear earrings in the shape of a skull or even a gun.

The earring they choose represents them in some way.

Jewelry, at its heart, is a chance to express yourself to others.

Whether it’s a color, shape, or design, it’s useful in telling others something about yourself.

Guys use earrings for personal expression.

A girl might appreciate how the guy represents himself through his earrings.

She might even be able to bond over the subject.

For example, if a guy is wearing earrings in the shape of a cross because of his faith, then she might appreciate him more because she shares the same faith.

Other girls simply like guys with earrings because they appreciate their stance on personal expression.

That might be attractive to them or have value to them.

Girls like guys with earrings because it allows them to express themselves.


4. Demonstrates Confidence

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Because wearing earrings hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet for guys, wearing them still requires some level of confidence and bravery.

That’s because there’s often a stigma surrounding men who wear earrings.

Wearing earrings used to be something predominantly that gay men would do to indicate that they were gay.

When more straight men started to wear earrings, they’d often face bullying, teasing, or even threats.

It scared some men off from wearing earrings because they didn’t want to become a target.

These days, it’s more common for men, in general, to wear earrings.

However, some guys are still worried about the backlash should they start wearing earrings.

Those who do choose to wear earrings are often seen as confident.

They’re willing to face any abuse that might come their way as a result.

Confidence is an attractive feature to most women.

A confident man is often seen as attractive because it means he’s comfortable with who he is.

He’s at a place in his life where he doesn’t have to apologize for being who he is or looking the way he does.

Some girls find that attractive because it makes them feel safer.

A man who looks confident is likely going to be able to protect you, for example.

That may not always be the reality, but his appearance suggests so.

That’s an attractive quality to some girls.

Girls like guys with earrings because they’re often seen as confident.


5. Demonstrates Non-Conformism

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Wearing earrings still isn’t widespread in society for men.

It’s still uncommon for men to wear earrings.

While that might change with time, for now, men who wear earrings are often seen as non-conformists.

This means that they feel less pressured to do the same thing that everyone else is doing.

They don’t feel the need to walk with the rest of the herd.

They go against the grain.

Non-conformity can be a very attractive feature for some girls.

They’re often non-conformists themselves or are girls looking for guys who have an edge.

Some girls like non-conformists because they have certain views about society.

They’re not interested in a guy who thinks like everyone else.

They appreciate a guy who can form his own thoughts and walk his own path.

They’re looking for a partner who can walk that path outside of societal standards together with them.

Guys with earrings seem like the perfect fit.

Girls like guys with earrings because they’re often seen as non-conformists which can be an attractive quality to them.


6. Suggests They’re Artistic

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A lot of guys who wear earrings are often viewed as artistic.

A large part of that is because male artists typically wear earrings.

You’ll often see hip-hop stars and rappers sporting earrings.

Traditional artists like painters and photographers often wear earrings, too.

Since creative people tend to wear earrings, there’s sometimes a natural tendency to link earrings on guys with artistry.

A girl might think that a guy is artistic because he’s wearing an earring.

Even if he’s not an artist, he might be creative.

Choosing earrings to wear does require some form of creativity.

It has to match your style for one or represent some aspect of you.

Jewelry, when chosen and worn correctly, can tell a story.

Some girls might find creative or artistic guys attractive.

They might be creative or artistic themselves and see an individual who shares those traits as valuable to them.

It’s something they can bond over or appreciate.

Girls like guys with earrings because it can suggest that they’re creative or artistic.


7. Can Make Them Appear More Manly

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Some girls might also see guys with earrings as more masculine or manly.

This leads back to that appearance of confidence.

When a man has a lot of confidence in himself, he tends to look more masculine.

He often takes care of himself, for example.

Some girls are attracted to guys who look stereotypically masculine.

They might feel safer around them or just simply find them attractive.

A lot of male celebrities wear earrings.

Jamie Foxx, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, and Colin Farrell are all men who tend to wear earrings.

They also tend to be quite stereotypically masculine in appearance.

If girls are fans of celebrities with earrings, then they likely see non-celebrities guys who wear earrings as attractive, too.

To them, the guy has a very masculine appearance because he’s wearing earrings.

Girls like guys with earrings because they can seem more manly or masculine.


8. They Share an Interest in Earrings and Piercings

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Girls who also wear earrings might appreciate guys who wear earrings.

It’s something that they both have an interest in.

It gives them something to talk about and bond over.

They can shop together and help each other choose earrings that best fit their styles.

They may come to find that they share a general interest in piercings.

When a guy wears earrings, it gives him one more topic that he can talk about with his partner.

They’re both able to contribute to the conversation and enjoy it.

Girls can’t have those conversations with guys who don’t wear earrings or have piercings.

They don’t exactly understand enough about the topic to be a good person to have a conversation with.

As such, some girls like guys with earrings because it gives them something to bond over.


9. They Appear More Adventurous

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Guys who wear earrings also tend to look more adventurous.

This is partly because they appear to be up for anything.

A guy who has his ears pierced gives the impression that he doesn’t care as much about what others are thinking.

Because he’s a bit more open-minded, he may be open to more adventures.

Some girls have a lot of adventurous goals.

They might want to travel to certain places or have certain experiences.

A guy who has earrings seems like the ideal partner to share those experiences with.

They seem open to adventure.

Girls might find that an attractive and valuable quality to have.

Girls like guys with earrings because it can suggest that they’re adventurous.


10. Makes Them Look Like a Rebel or Bad Boy

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A final reason girls like guys with earrings is that they sometimes appear as bad boys.

Guys who wear skull earrings, for example, tend to look more dangerous.

Some girls love playing with the element of danger.

If a guy looks dangerous because of his earrings, then she might feel an attraction to him.

There are tons of reasons a girl might like a bad boy.

From appearing strong to seeming more masculine, bad boys can attract a lot of girls to them.

That element of danger can be exciting to some girls.

Since wearing certain earrings can make a guy look dangerous or bad, some girls like them.

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