Do Guys Like Funny Girls? (10 Reasons They Do)

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Being around someone who is funny can make a certain situation or experience a lot more positive.

For some guys, their ideal girl is someone with a great sense of humor.

If you’re a girl who has great comedy chops, then you might wonder if and why a guy might like a funny girl.


Do Guys Like Funny Girls? (10 Reasons They Do)


1. Sign of Intelligence

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It may be surprising to know that funny people generally are also quite intelligent.

There’s a reason humor and intelligence tend to go together.

To be funny, someone has to be able to observe their surroundings and construct a joke out of the situation.

The person needs to be able to read body language, assess whether a joke is appropriate at the moment, then determine if the particular joke is funny to the other person or group.

It requires a lot of quick thinking and analysis.

Since humor is something that not everyone can pull off successfully, those who can pull it off tend to have a bit more value to others.

For some guys, an intelligent girl can be a real turn-on or just someone who is attractive to them.

If they consider themselves intelligent as well, then they might recognize this girl as someone with whom they can have intelligent conversations.

Besides just making them laugh, being funny means that they might have met someone who is on the same level as them.

That can be quite attractive.

Even if the guy doesn’t consider himself that intelligent, he may still appreciate the sharp intelligence in a girl.

If she’s funny, then there’s a good chance that she’s smart, too.

Guys like funny girls because they’re usually intelligent.


2. They Don’t Take Things So Seriously

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Another reason guys like might girls is that having a good sense of humor means that they likely don’t take everything seriously.

When someone takes everything so seriously and can’t find the humor in a situation, they can be a wet blanket.

They can bring down the entire mood in a group.

No one wants to be around that person for a long time if all they do is take things seriously.

It can be exhausting because you have to keep thinking about what you’re saying.

It may be easy to offend the other person.

A guy might not like a girl who takes everything seriously because he may feel as though he’s always walking a thin line.

Girls who are funny, on the other hand, demonstrate that they don’t take everything seriously.

They might have a few subjects or topics that they’re earnest about, but by and large, they’re a bit more relaxed about certain things.

Since they’re able to see the humor in certain situations, they’re a bit more fun to be around.

They’re not bringing the mood down.

If anything, a guy can relax a bit more in a funny girl’s company.

Guys like funny girls because they don’t always take everything seriously.


3. They’re Attracted to Humor

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Some guys are also just attracted to humor.

They might find a partner who can make them laugh to be special.

Perhaps they suffer from depression or aren’t great at humor, themselves.

Maybe they have a great sense of humor.

Either way, if a girl is funny, then it might brighten things up a little.

Laughing feels good, so being around a person who makes them laugh makes sense.

When we laugh, it releases endorphins.

Endorphins are the “feel good” chemical in our brains.

They’re also responsible for feelings of love.

If someone experiences endorphin release after a girl makes a joke, then it might feed into their attraction to them.

Other people just find funny people attractive from the start.

Just like someone finds a girl with dark hair attractive, someone else might find a girl who is funny to be attractive.

For whatever unexplainable reason, it’s just a feature that they’re attracted to.

Guys like girls who are funny because they just find humor to be attractive.


4. She’s Fun to Be Around

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People with great senses of humor also tend to be quite fun to be around.

They’re always making everyone around them laugh.

For a guy, this might be an attractive quality in a girl.

It goes back to that desire to relax.

When someone isn’t funny, they tend to be a bit more on the serious side.

Those people aren’t always fun to be around because they’re always looking at things either from a negative viewpoint or an analytical one.

Guys and girls don’t always want to be around people like that.

While it’s fine in doses, it isn’t always a winning feature in a relationship.

It’s difficult to be around someone like that all the time.

A funny girl, on the other hand, tends to be quite bold.

Humor requires a bit of boldness.

A bold person tends to be fun because they’re a bit more open to taking risks.

A guy might like a funny girl because he knows there’s a greater chance of having a fun time with her.

The girl might be more open to taking hikes or going on some great adventure.

All the while, they can rely on the girl’s witty humor to make the experience even better.

Some guys like funny girls because they’re fun to be around.


5. Funny Girls Tend to Be Creative

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Humor also requires a bit of creativity.

Some jokes are low-brow because they’re easy to emulate.

It doesn’t take much effort to make a “Yo Mama” joke, for example, or even a “That’s what she said,” joke.

To be really funny, the individual needs to be creative.

One only needs to look at the comedic greats to see this in action.

Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Steve Martin are all beloved comedians.

One thing they all had in common was their creativity.

Williams was able to pull together unique voices, features, and even physical designs for his characters to generate his humor.

Carrey has a similar humor style, but he’s also a great painter and artist.

Martin composes his own banjo music.

There’s an element of creativity in all of them.

Some guys like creativity because it shows that the girl can think outside of the box.

They might even be creatives, themselves, and appreciate a fellow creative person.

Creative people tend to be imaginative, and that can be an attractive quality in a person, too.

Guys like funny girls because they’re often creative which can be attractive to them.


6. They Possess a Positive Outlook

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Comedians can be pretty pessimistic and even suffer from depression.

While there isn’t a direct link between being a comedian and having a mental illness, there is some form of a connection.

For example, people who tend to suffer from a mental illness like depression might gravitate to humor as a way to cope.

Since humor and laughing release endorphins, they can have some effect on people with depression.

It makes them feel better, and the fact that they’re making others feel better might help them, too.

In a way, comedians or funny people are a bit selfless.

They share their witty comedy with others as a way to build that person up.

Even if the girl isn’t necessarily the most positive person, she can appear as though she has a positive outlook on life.

She’s always making those around her laugh and feel good.

To some guys, that’s an attractive quality.

Having a positive outlook on life or at least spreading positivity can mean a lot to them.

At the very least, that sort of girl is a bit more enjoyable to be around rather than someone who is “Doom and Gloom” all the time.

Guys like funny girls because they tend to spread positivity and sometimes have a positive outlook on life.


7. Funny Girls Tend to Be Confident

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Funny people always seem to be a bit confident when delivering their jokes.

That’s part of telling a joke.

If you’re nervous and that’s noticeable, then your humor tends to fall flat.

It can also seem like you’re apologizing for telling a joke.

Really funny people boldly state a joke or make a funny remark without worrying about the consequences.

They’re bold in a way that few people are.

For some guys, that sort of confidence can be quite attractive.

They might like confident women.

It might make them feel secure or it might just be purely attraction.

Guys like funny girls because they’re confident.


8. Provide Emotional Support

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Humor can be a coping mechanism for someone with depression or even just someone who has the blues.

Even if the funny girl isn’t the one with depression, her humor can provide some emotional support for someone who is suffering from depression.

If a guy has depression, for example, then having a funny girl around can help him feel a bit better.

Her jokes and humor become a sort of emotional support for him.

It can help him get out of his own head and laugh.

Through laughing, those endorphins are released, and he will potentially feel a bit better.

Besides depression, funny girls also provide emotional support in tense situations.

When a moment is tense, a well-timed joke can really break the tension.

It can make a guy feel more relaxed and confident about the situation.

Humor can be a great emotional support tool.

Even if a guy doesn’t realize it, he may need that emotional support.

Guys like funny girls because their humor can work as an emotional support for them.


9. They Tend to Be Memorable

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Funny girls are also a bit more memorable.

When sitting down with two different people, one who has a great sense of humor is likely going to be more memorable than one who doesn’t.

If a girl can make you laugh a lot, then you’re probably going to remember her better.

You might remember the joke or just the fact that she made you laugh.

That, again, has to do with brain chemistry.

Since the act of laughing releases endorphins and makes you feel good, the brain wants more of it.

It draws you back to that person because they were the source of the endorphin release.

Funny girls tend to leave their mark.

Guys like funny girls because they’re memorable.


10. They’re Approachable

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A final reason guys like funny girls is that they’re approachable.

It can be difficult to approach someone who looks serious.

It’s possible to feel as though you’re bothering the person.

Someone who is funny tends to be more engaging.

They’re more open and appear happy to talk to you.

Since they’re open rather than closed off, guys might feel more confident in approaching and speaking to them.

Since they feel more comfortable, they enjoy their time with the girl more.

Guys like funny girls because they make it easier and more comfortable to approach them.

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