Do Guys Like Girls with Long Hair? (10 Reasons They Do)

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Long hair can sometimes be difficult to manage, but there’s no question you can also make some great hairstyles with it.

Girls who have long hair might find it easy to attract certain guys.

If you’re spending a lot of time on your long hair, then you may wonder if it’s even worth the effort.


Do Guys Like Girls with Long Hair? (10 Reasons They Do)


1. Increases Femininity

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One of the main reasons guys like girls with long hair is that it increases the girl’s femininity.

Some guys just find femininity quite attractive.

Men like feeling as though they’re big and strong and can protect the girl.

That feeling grows when they perceive the girl as someone who needs their protection or care.

Because long hair can make a girl appear more feminine, it might make them seem more delicate or in need of protection.

Other guys just like a girl that looks very feminine.

Long hair in the modern age is typically associated with femininity.

The “girliest” girls tend to have long hair.

If a man finds femininity attractive, then it makes sense that they’d also have an attraction to girls with long hair.

Some guys like girls with long hair because it makes the girl appear more feminine, which they find more attractive.


2. General Sign of Good Health

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When someone has long hair, it typically means they’re in good health.

In order to grow hair that’s long and healthy-looking, you need a good amount of nutrition.

Hair can be quite finicky, especially as a person ages.

There are tons of factors that can result in hair thinning or even hair loss.

While some hair thinning or hair loss is inevitable, a lot of hair loss or hair thinning comes down to nutrition and health.

If someone suffers from a specific disease, for example, then it might result in hair loss.

Cancer treatment often results in hair loss, for example, because chemotherapy causes hair to fall out.

Having poor nutrition causes hair loss because the individual isn’t eating the right type of foods to support hair growth.

Some guys are more attracted to girls who are healthy than those who are unhealthy.

They might see more value in a relationship with a girl who can do the same things they can because they’re healthy.

Long hair is a big indicator of whether an individual is healthy or not.

When hair is long and shiny and looks great, then there’s a good chance that the girl is taking care of herself.

She’s eating the right food, watching her health, and perhaps has good genetics, too.

If she’s suffering from a genetic disease, for example, then it might result in lackluster hair.

Biologically, it makes sense that people would prefer to pair with other healthy people.

The chances of having a healthy child are higher.

Some guys might like girls with long hair because it can indicate that they’re healthy.


3. Long Hair Can Be Sensual

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Some guys might also find long hair to be sensual or sexy.

There’s no shortage of different hairstyles a girl can have with long hair.

Guys might find a particular hairstyle very sensual.

They might find girls with such a hairstyle to also be quite attractive.

Sexual attraction usually plays some sort of factor when someone likes someone else.

If the trigger is long hair, then a guy might like a girl with long hair because it makes him sexually attracted to her.

Guys like girls with long hair because it’s sometimes very sensual to them.


4. They Enjoy Playing with Long Hair

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While some guys like the appearance of long hair, others like to play with it.

Guys who are very tactile in how they show affection might prefer girls with longer hair because they can play with their hair.

They’re able to run their fingers through it or just play around with it.

While they can still play with short hair, it doesn’t have quite the same effect as playing with long hair.

Since the guy is tactile in his love language, being able to play with a girl’s hair is a way he can show affection.

He might prefer girls with long hair because it works better with his love language.

He might also just enjoy playing with long hair.

If the girl doesn’t have long hair, then he might not be able to enjoy the experience as much.

Some guys like girls with long hair because it lets them play with it.


5. Showcases Confidence

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Much like girls appreciate confidence in men, some guys also appreciate confidence in girls.

Girls with long hair can sometimes appear quite confident.

It’s a lot harder to care for long hair versus short hair.

It tends to need more time in the shower to wash and rinse properly.

It also takes more time and effort to style and prepare for the day.

A girl who takes on that sort of challenge is likely quite confident in herself.

If she weren’t, then she might not care to put as much effort into her hair.

How she wears her long hair can also indicate confidence.

Girls who hide behind their hair, for example, may not exhibit much confidence.

They look as if they’re hiding from the world.

Girls who have hairstyles that have their long hair highlighting their features or wearing it off of their faces tend to seem a bit more confident.

They’re not hiding anything.

Since long hair makes it easier for guys to determine if a girl is confident about herself or not, it has a bit more value to them than short hair.

With short hair, it’s a bit more difficult for girls to hide behind it.

As such, it’s a bit more difficult for guys to determine if the girl is confident or not.

If guys value confidence, then that’s something they want to know.

Guys like girls with long hair because it can make them appear confident which a guy might value.


6. Cultural or Personal Identity

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Some girls wear their hair long because it’s part of their culture.

Others consider their hair as part of their identity.

In both cases, girls tend to style or wear their hair in a certain way.

They take great pride in it.

In the case of cultural identity, some guys might like girls with long hair because they appreciate the strength of character it takes to demonstrate your culture.

This is especially true if your culture isn’t in the majority.

Guys might appreciate not just the confidence to do that but also that the girl values her culture that much.

It might inspire them to learn more about the culture as a result.

In the case of having long hair as a part of the girl’s identity, a guy may appreciate that the girl has certain features that she’s proud of.

Not everyone knows who they are, why they’re in the world, or what they should be doing in the world.

A girl who values her hair as part of her identity has, at least, some part of herself figured out.

That can be attractive to some guys.

Besides acting as a great conversation starter, it indicates that the girl cares about something.

Guys like girls with long hair because sometimes it can indicate that they have a strong affinity for their culture or identity.


7. Provides Comfort

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Another reason guys like girls with long hair is that long hair can be comforting.

Cuddling might be a big thing that some couples enjoy doing.

Some guys might like cuddling girls with long hair because they like to bury themselves in their hair.

It’s a comforting feeling to them.

If the girl keeps her hair healthy, then her hair is likely soft and feels nice against the guy’s skin.

Since it provides comfort to them, it makes sense that some men seek out girls with long hair.

They’re seeking that state of comfort.

Others might find the act of running their fingers through the girl’s hair to be comforting.

Since that’s easier to do with longer hair, they value girls with long hair a bit more.

Guys like girls with long hair because they can sometimes find longer hair more comforting to them.


8. Allows Them to Be Intimate with Their Partner By Brushing It

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An intimate activity that a couple can do together is brushing their hair.

When a girl has long hair, it can take some time to prepare for the day.

A few brush strokes aren’t going to cut it.

Now and then, a guy might pick up the brush to brush a girl’s hair for her.

The feeling of having someone brush your hair can sometimes be very nice.

It’s comforting and intimate.

Guys who want to share that sort of intimate activity with a lover might value girls with longer hair since it takes more effort to brush.

It extends the time needed to brush their hair.

It also allows them to talk to one another and connect.

There are few distractions when brushing another person’s hair.

That sort of ritual might become important to them.

When a girl has short hair, there isn’t much to brush.

As such, the ritual doesn’t really form.

Guys like girls with long hair because it can give them an opportunity to brush it and connect with their partners.


9. Attracted to Certain Hairstyles

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While some guys might feel an attraction to a certain length of hair, others might be attracted to a certain hairstyle.

When your hair is long, you tend to have more opportunities for different styles.

There’s simply more to play with.

If there’s a particular hairstyle that drives a guy crazy, then he might find a girl with that hairstyle attractive.

Since girls with longer hair tend to be able to wear their hair in more styles, there’s a bigger chance that a guy will find them attractive because of it.

Some guys like girls with long hair because they’re attracted to a certain hairstyle that long hair is perfect for.


10. They Also Have Long Hair

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A final reason guys sometimes like girls with long hair is that they also have long hair.

Guys with long hair might understand a bit better how difficult it can be to have long hair.

They understand the amount of care having long hair requires.

They might bond with women with long hair more than women with short hair.

For example, they both need to go shopping for certain products that help boost the health of their hair.

They might also spend some time brushing each other’s hair.

That could lead to some intimate moments in which they’re able to check in and connect.

There’s also just a general understanding between them that they wouldn’t be able to share with someone who has short hair.

As a result, a guy might like a girl with long hair because the relationship would be more valuable and intimate.

Guys like girls with long hair when they also have long hair.

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