Do Guys Like Girls With Tattoos? (10 Reasons They Do)

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When it comes to tattoos, most people either hate them or love them.

A girl with tattoos might find that some guys actually like her even more because of her tattoos.

Understanding why guys might like girls with tattoos can help you determine whether you should get a tattoo or not.


Do Guys Like Girls With Tattoos? (10 Reasons They Do)


1. The Tattoos Express Who She Is

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A lot of people choose to get a tattoo because it’s a way to express themselves.

Some people choose to get a tattoo that represents a loved one who has passed away, for example.

It’s their way of honoring the person and ensuring their memory lives on.

Others take great pride in a certain sports team or fandom that they identify with.

Some people also just have a particular quote that they love that they want to display.

Finally, some people just enjoy art, and tattoo art fits the bill.

Whatever the reason, the majority of people tend to get tattoos because they allow them to express something personal about themselves.

Guys might like that about a girl.

They might appreciate that the girl is an open book and has nothing to hide.

They might even find that they have similar interests based on the content of the tattoo.

When a guy wants to know more about a girl, it can be difficult to dig in deep, especially on the first or second date.

A girl with tattoos may have some elements of her life story displayed on her skin.

This allows the guy to have a better understanding of her right from the start.

He may even enjoy what he sees.

Guys like girls with tattoos because they appreciate their willingness to express themselves.


2. Attracted To Girls With Tattoos



Some guys are also just naturally attracted to girls with tattoos.

There’s no question that some guys find tattoos on a girl attractive.

They may believe that the ink on the girl’s skin makes her look sexier.

Some tattoos can be quite provocative.

A well-designed tattoo can be alluring and sexy.

If a guy already finds tattoos attractive, then he might think that a well-designed tattoo makes a girl even sexier.

It’s not unlike guys who find girls attractive because they’re tall or short.

There’s something about that physical aspect that they appreciate and admire or even feel aroused by.

Guys like girls with tattoos because they find them attractive.


3. Shows Confidence

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People who have tattoos are often ostracized in certain parts of society.

While acceptance of tattoos has come a long way, there’s still a way to go.

For example, some believe that having a tattoo can limit your chances of getting a job.

The idea behind this is that having tattoos reflects poorly on your employer.

Tattoos can sometimes appear intimidating, and the last thing an employer wants is for its customers to feel intimidated by staff members.

Because there’s still some stigma involving tattoos, those who choose to get a tattoo are brave in a way.

They’re risking that sort of ostracization from society.

They’re risking the chance of potentially getting a job that they really want.

Their ability to express themselves is more important.

Some guys admire that sort of courage in a girl.

They like the “do or die” sort of attitude because it makes the girl appear confident.

The girl isn’t apologetic for choosing to have a tattoo.

She’s proud of it.

Many girls find guys with confidence attractive, and likewise, there are guys who find girls with confidence quite attractive.

It suggests that the girl is sure of who she is and what she stands for.

To some guys, that’s a very attractive feature.

Guys like girls with tattoos because they appreciate their confidence.


4. Demonstrates Creativity

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Tattoos are a form of art.

It all starts with an idea.

Some people simply choose a design that they find at a tattoo studio.

Others have an idea in mind already.

Because tattoos come from an idea, they’re creative in nature.

The job of a tattoo artist is to take that idea and either make it better or simply recreate it as best they can.

They’ll typically draw up a draft of what the customer has in mind.

If the customer likes what they see, then the artist will make a template of it, and the process begins.

Each tattoo artist has their own unique style that brings even more creativity to the original idea.

A simple tattoo can tell tons of different stories.

There are some guys who really appreciate a girl who is creative.

Creative guys, for example, have more of an appreciation for creative artwork on a girl’s skin.

They might admire the technique or skill level.

Since they admire the tattoo, they also, in essence, admire the girl.

Others are more focused on the creative idea.

If they’re a creative person, themselves, then the idea that the girl came up with the tattoo idea on her own might make them value her a bit more.

It’s a fellow creative soul.

That might be attractive to them.

Guys like girls with tattoos because it can suggest that they’re creative.


5. Suggests They Might Be Adventurous or Even Dangerous

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Having a tattoo also suggests that the person is dangerous or adventurous.

There’s a reason that tattoos have a stigma attached to them.

Gangsters and “bad boys,” for example, tend to have tattoos.

Some even get tattoos to indicate how many people they’ve killed or hurt.

Seeing such a tattoo on someone makes one think that the person is dangerous.

Girls who get certain tattoos may also appear dangerous.

However, some guys enjoy playing with fire.

They might feel an attraction to a girl because they know she might hurt them.

Others may feel that a girl with tattoos is adventurous.

Since she isn’t afraid to go against the grain of society, she’s probably also up for a good time.

They might appreciate that in a girl if they’re someone who is adventurous.

They assume that there’s a higher chance that a girl with tattoos is going to be up for a challenge, too.

Guys like girls with tattoos because they can sometimes make them appear dangerous or suggest that they’re always up for an adventure.


6. Suggests They Might Be Tough

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Getting a tattoo also isn’t always the most pleasant experience.

Depending on where you’re getting the tattoo on your body, it can be pretty painful.

While the level of pain tolerance differs from one person to the next, some people experience a lot of pain just to receive a tattoo.

That requires some element of courage, too.

Some guys might appreciate that bravery.

If they do brave things for a living or in their personal lives, then having a partner who is also brave might be something that they find attractive.

Girls who get a lot of tattoos are likely fairly tough.

They’re able to sit through that uncomfortable experience each time.

They didn’t simply get one tattoo and call it a day.

Guys might like this sort of toughness in a girl.

Tough girls can tease them and take the teasing right back.

They might value a girl who is tough because it means she is likely confident in who she is and what she stands for.

More importantly, she doesn’t let anyone walk all over her.

That sort of strength and toughness can be attractive to certain guys.

Some guys like girls with tattoos because it suggests that they’re tough.


7. It Enhances Their Beauty

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Some tattoos can make a girl even more beautiful.

When a tattoo artist executes a tattoo perfectly, the result can be astonishing.

It’s a living work of art on someone’s body.

Someone who appreciates art or finds tattoos attractive might find a girl with tattoos even more beautiful.

They might believe that the tattoo enhances her beauty.

Guys like girls with tattoos because some can enhance a girl’s existing beauty.


8. Demonstrates Commitment

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There’s also an element of commitment involved when someone chooses to get a tattoo.

A common warning that parents and friends give to loved ones is not to have someone’s name tattooed on their skin.

The tattoo might outlast the relationship.

As a result, you end up carrying that person’s name on your skin forever even if you’re no longer together.

While covering up tattoos is possible, the end result isn’t always attractive.

You can also sometimes remove the tattoo entirely, but that’s also not always the case.

As such, getting a tattoo should require some thought and planning.

You have to be willing to live with it for as long as you’re alive.

Even though ink and colors fade with time, they will likely always remain on your skin.

When a girl chooses to get a tattoo, she’s making a long-term commitment.

Some guys appreciate that choice.

It indicates that the girl either thinks things through or that she’s willing to put in the work to make things last.

Guys who are looking for long-term commitments might feel that a girl with tattoos is the right fit for them.

Guys like girls with tattoos because it suggests that they’re able to commit long-term.


9. Suggests They’re Fun

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Tattoos can also suggest that a girl is fun.

Someone who gets a tattoo may be passionate about the subject of the tattoo, but they’re also someone who doesn’t care much about the opinions of others.

These individuals tend to be fun because they’re willing to put themselves out there no matter what the consequences.

They’re willing to take risks.

Some guys might appreciate this in a girl because they’re looking for someone who is fun.

They might have lots of plans in mind and they’re looking for the ideal partner to share in those plans.

A girl who has tattoos may appear like she’s up for anything.

Since having fun together is an important part of a relationship, a guy might feel more confident that he can have fun with a girl who has tattoos.

Guys like girls with tattoos because it suggests that they’re fun.


10. He Has Tattoos Too

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A final reason guys like girls with tattoos is if they also have tattoos.

If a guy has several tattoos on his skin, then he might be looking for someone who understands tattoo culture.

The only partner who is likely going to understand that culture is someone who has tattoos, too.

They’re able to share that experience, understanding, and world.

They can have conversations together that they might not be able to have with those who don’t have tattoos.

It’s a subject they can bond over.

Guys like girls with tattoos if they have tattoos, too, because they likely understand each other.

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