Do Guys Like Long Nails? (Explained)

Hands with long artificial manicured nails colored with red nail polish

Are you thinking about getting long nails but you aren’t sure if it is the right choice?

Maybe a big contributing factor to the decision is whether men will still find you attractive with your long nails.

Women are sold the idea that having their nails done will make guys more attracted to them.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about making your nails attractive to men.


Do Guys Like Long Nails?

long nails on woman

Some men find long nails scary and unattractive.

Almost all men enjoy dating a girl with well-manicured, natural-looking nails.

Very long fingernails can look quite unnatural.

Though some men won’t mind the unnatural look, some will be scared off by it.

If you are looking to attract as many men as possible, it is probably a good idea to keep your nails fairly short and well-manicured.

If you do like long nails and aren’t willing to give them up, don’t worry.

There are some steps you can take to make your nails appear more attractive to men without cutting them too short.


How Can I Make My Nails More Attractive to Men?

manicure applying, cleaning the cuticles with wooden stick


Many factors make your nails attractive to men.

If you can’t stomach changing your nail length, here are some other options you might try.


1. Keep Them Clean

Closeup female hands are holding white cotton cosmetic sponge


Cleanliness and good hygiene are very important to attract any partner, and men are no exception.

If you notice that your nails get dirty too easily, consider keeping a nail brush by your sink.

Every time you wash your hands, make sure to also scrub them with the nail brush!


2. No Biting!

Close up portrait of a worried teenage girl in denim jacket biting her nails


Biting your nails can be a very unattractive habit.

If you struggle with biting your nails, make it a goal to stop completely.

You don’t have to grow your nails out long but there is a big difference between chewed-up nails and nicely trimmed nails.


3. Choose a Popular Color

red nail polish


Just as some men might be scared off by long nails, color can be a turn-on or a turn-off.

It depends on which color you choose!

Red is the most popular color to paint your nails.

Studies have shown that the color red has the most sex appeal out of all of the colors.

If red feels a little too bold for you, sheer pink is another good option.

It looks natural and feminine at the same time.

Cosmopolitan magazine polled men about the nail styles they are most attracted to, and sheer pink came in second after red.

Choosing a color that corresponds with your style and personality is also a good choice.

For example, if you like goth fashion, feel free to wear black nail polish.

Sure, it might scare some men off, but the men who like it will be the most compatible with you.


4. Get a Regular Manicure

woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician with nail file


Getting a regular manicure can ensure that your nails always look fabulous.

You don’t have to have long nails to get the benefits of a manicure.

You also don’t need a bold nail color or a complicated design.

The main benefit of a manicure is your nail health.

Have your nail tech shape and trim your nails while moisturizing and massaging your hands.

It will leave you with a healthy glow on your hands!


5. Get Rid of Fake Nails

Closeup of artificial plastic nail, pieces of fake Acrylic nails collection


Few things are as embarrassing as having a press-on nail pop off in the middle of a date.

There is nothing worse than a bad acrylic manicure.

If your nail tech is inexperienced, your nails can end up gloopy and misshapen.

Some people walk out of the nail salon looking like they’ve been turned into a monster!

Removing your fake nails can do a lot to make your look more natural.

If you want longer nails but want to attract guys, consider growing out your natural nail a bit.

It might take some time since many false nail products can be damaging to the natural nail.

However, giving your nails a break from press-ons and acrylics can result in a more attractive look overall.


Daily Habits for Beautiful Nails

young woman uses body care cream


If you want to make sure that your nails always look amazing, integrate nail care into your daily routine.

Don’t forget about your hands and fingers as well.


1. Moisturize

Keep a bottle of lotion by each sink in your house.

Every time you wash your hands or do the dishes, make sure to put on lotion when you are done.

Water can be drying to your hands.

Cracked skin and dry fingernails are not attractive.

You want to keep your hands looking supple.


2. Apply Cuticle Oil

Add a cuticle oil application to your daily routine.

Try applying it each night before you go to sleep.

Your cuticles play an essential role in your nail health.

Healthy cuticles prevent bacteria from entering the nail.

No one is attracted to infected nails!


3. Use a Growth Base Coat

Using a base coat is a great idea for any manicure.

If you want to kick things up a notch, use a base coat specifically made to promote nail growth.


4. Trim Regularly

If you want to grow your nails a few centimeters past your finger, that’s totally fine, but try to make sure they aren’t getting out of control.

There are reasons guys don’t like nails that are too long.

For one thing, long nails are less sanitary.

They are more likely to hold bacteria.


5. Shape Your Nails

While trimming your nails is important, it’s not enough.

You also want to intentionally shape your nails.

The best way to do this is to use a nail file.

Your hands will look much more attractive if you have a consistent nail shape.

Once a week, sit down and file your nails into their desired shape.


What Shape Is Most Attractive to Men?

Closeup top view of elegant pastel pink natural manicure


The shape of your nails plays a huge role in attractiveness.

It’s not all about the length! If you want to pick the nail style that most men find attractive, then you should stick with a more natural option.

Let’s walk through your options for nail shapes.

We’ve ordered this list from most popular with men to least popular.


1. Most Popular: Natural/Rounded

The rounded nail shape is what appears the most natural.

This is why guys tend to like it the best.


2. Oval

The oval nail shape also looks quite natural.

For girls who like longer nails or a more manicured look, the oval nail shape can be a great compromise.

It allows you to appear natural to guys while also impressing other women who tend to value manicures more.

The oval nail shape is kind of like natural makeup.

Unless men have an education in it, they likely won’t even be able to tell the difference between a rounded nail and an oval nail.

This goes high on our list for that reason!


3. Almond

Out of the longer-nailed options, almond is one of the most popular among women.

It looks a little more pointed than an oval-shaped nail but still imitates what a natural nail might look like.


4. Square

Square nails do look quite unnatural, which is why they are lower on our list.

Overall, men prefer the natural look, which is why they tend to prefer shorter nails over long ones.

However, the square nail is one of the more “classic” manicure looks.

Squared-off nails started to become popular in the 70s, so any man is probably going to recognize them as a “normal” shape for a manicure.


5. Least Popular: Stiletto

The stiletto nail comes in last because it is the most unnatural.

It also is the nail type most likely to be classified as “scary” by men.

This long, pointed shape looks like it could double as a weapon.

What if you love your stiletto nails, though?

We recommend you put your own happiness first!

If you really want to find success on the dating scene, consider changing to a more friendly nail shape.

However, if your stiletto nails bring you a lot of joy, do you really want to be with a man who hates them?

Probably not.

Even if they are unpopular with the average guy, you will eventually find a man who values your individual fashion sense.


What Is the Perfect Nail Length?

thinking woman


The perfect nail length is one centimeter past the edge of your finger.

You don’t want your nails to be too short.

When nails are shorter than the length of your finger, the finger appears stubby.


Benefits of Short Nails

Wedding white pearl manicure on short square nails on a white background close-up


There are many other reasons to wear your nails short besides simply wanting to attract a man.

Here are some other reasons to opt for a more natural nail look.


1. Daily Tasks Are Easier

Long nails can inhibit your ability to do many tasks.

Putting in contacts, opening beverage cans, and even typing can feel impossible.

If you experience a lot of frustration with your long nails, it might be a sign that it’s time to get rid of them.


2. Shorter Is More Sanitary

Yes, shorter nails can be cleaner.

Dirt, bacteria, and debris can easily get caught under long nails.

Unless you keep a nail brush in your pocket and scrub them multiple times a day, you are likely spreading bacteria with your long nails.

This can be a problem if you are cooking for other people.

No one wants someone with dirty nails making their food!

It can also be visually gross.

Guys do not want to look at dirt trapped under your nails.

Even if you paint your nails, it’s hard to hide if they are dirty.

If you have very long nails, you will eventually lift your hand and he will see what is underneath.


3. Low Maintenance

Short nails are easier to maintain.

Even if you are just trying to keep your natural nails long, they take more maintenance.

For one thing, long nails are more prone to breakage.

Many people who keep their natural nails long take a variety of supplements to promote nail growth.

They use products like strengthened base coats to protect their nails from breakage.

If you keep your nails short, none of this maintenance will be required.


4. Less Expensive

Keeping your nails natural and short will save you a ton of money in the long term.

If your nails are short, there isn’t a need to get extensions.

A basic set of acrylic nails costs $40 on average.

If you get your nails done once a month, that’s $480 a year.

That isn’t including the cost of painting.

In reality, false nails will cost you well over $500 a year.

They can easily cost more than $1,000 per year in high-cost areas.


5. Increased Job Opportunities

Some tasks become very difficult to do with long nails.

If a potential employer sees that you won’t be able to do your job effectively because of your nails, they won’t hire you.

Think about it from their perspective.

Why would they hire a secretary who can only type 20 words per minute with their long nails if other candidates can type 100 words per minute?

It’s not only typing jobs that can be affected.

Imagine your surgeon failing to complete your surgery because of their nails, or a construction worker who can’t hold a hammer because of it.


6. It Makes Intimacy Easier

We won’t get too explicit here.

The simple truth is that long nails can get in the way of intimacy.

Yes, some guys like the feeling of their backs scratched with long nails.

However, if your nails are long enough, they will constantly be scratching everywhere you touch.

With normal-length nails, you can give a good back scratch but not be making your partner uncomfortable during other activities.


Reasons to Keep Your Nails Long

Female hand with yellow nail design. Long nail polish manicure. Woman manicure with gitter gold long nail art


Even though your average guy probably prefers shorter nails to longer nails, there are a few situations where you should keep your nails long.


1. It Brings You Joy

If long nails are your passion, don’t change yourself just to get a man.

After all, you want to attract someone who is going to be a good match for you.

You shouldn’t focus on attracting all men.

Instead, think about attracting your ideal man.

Think about it.

If you attract a man who only likes you with short nails, are you prepared for a lifetime of wearing your nails short?

Will you be unhappy watching all your girlfriends walk around with the latest style while you sport a natural look?


2. You Work in Fashion

If you work in the fashion industry, you might lose more than you gain if you cut your nails short.

After all, your career success matters, too.

You don’t want to jeopardize your job by turning into Plain Jane.

Even if you did change your nail to a more natural length, you aren’t guaranteed to get a guy.

So many women do everything right when it comes to trying to attract men, but they still fail to get one.

If having shorter nails is going to negatively affect your life, stick with your long ones.


3. You Want to Impress Other Women

Honestly, most fashion trends are targeted at impressing other women.

At the end of the day, guys don’t care too much about your style, unless it’s absolutely crazy.

If you care more about looking cool when you hit the town with your girlfriends, more power to you!

While attracting a partner is important, it is also important to not center your life too much on this goal.

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