Is Blushing Attractive? (10 Reasons It Can Be)

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Are you embarrassed or concerned about your blushing?

Blushing might feel embarrassing, but it can actually be very attractive.

Think about it: many women apply blush every day in order to appear prettier.

Blush wouldn’t be a staple beauty product unless blushing was considered attractive!

Here are 10 reasons flushing cheeks might actually be a good thing.


Is Blushing Attractive? 10 Reasons It Can Be


1. Blushing Makes You Look Young

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One of the reasons that blushing can be so attractive is that it is associated with youth.

Flushed faces are associated with youthfulness.

This is one major reason why women wear blush!

In the Victorian age, women often pinched their cheeks in order to have a flushed appearance.

This was the beginning of blush’s popularity.

The reason blushing is associated with youthfulness is that one’s ability to blush is related to blood flow.

Blushing is actually caused by increased blood flow.

Blushing might also be associated with youth because it is an expression of emotion.

When people age, they often tend to become more mild-mannered and less emotional.

Therefore, blushing is something many people associate with being young.

This might make it seem even more embarrassing to those who find themselves blushing against their will.

However, for women, this could be especially good news, since men tend to look for younger partners.

What might feel like an embarrassing or immature trait to you might look like a green flag to a potential suitor!


2. Expressing Emotions Can Be Endearing

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It might feel frustrating when your face flushes during moments of embarrassment, but other people often find it cute.

Whether your face is flushed from embarrassment, desire, or arousal, it can be endearing to see someone express their emotions.

Unlike crying, blushing is a physiological response that doesn’t typically make other people uncomfortable.

Blushing is almost a form of communication because it lets people know how you are feeling.

For people who experience blushing, this can be frustrating because you might want to hide your emotions.

However, it is usually better to express how you feel instead of hiding it.

Blushing can be especially attractive to men because expressing emotions is seen as a feminine trait.

Blushing is also typically thought of as something that is feminine.

If you are a woman and find yourself blushing, it’s probably just reinforcing your femininity in your man’s mind!

For men who blush, don’t worry, it can be just as attractive on you!

Many men suffer from toxic masculinity, which is when their desire to be perceived as masculine outweighs their ability to perform essential functions.

Some men find it impossible to express how they feel because they are so attached to the idea of being masculine.

Blushing can break through that barrier, which is why many women find it incredibly attractive!

The great thing about it is that blushing is subconscious and subtle, so it’s the perfect way to show your human side without compromising your masculine image.


3. Blushing Is Associated with Desire

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Anyone who has read a romance novel can probably think of a character who has “flushed with desire” at one point or another.

Blushing can be an indication of arousal, which is very attractive, especially to men.

Men want to feel like you desire them, and when you are blushing around them it can be a huge ego boost.

One reason blushing is associated with desire is that it is something that frequently occurs during arousal due to increased blood flow.

This is why men can find it so attractive when they see your face flush!

Depending on the context, they might even take it as a sign of arousal.

It might just get them thinking about how they can make you blush again when you are alone.


4. Blushing Might Help You “Make Your Move”

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According to the book Make Your Move by Jon Birger, women who make the first move have better outcomes in their love lives.

You might be too shy to tell the guy you like how you really feel, but your cheeks might help do it for you!

Blushing around someone you have a crush on can help communicate that they are free to approach you with a romantic proposition.

Sometimes guys need a little bit of encouragement before they display interest in you.

Even though blushing might let your crush know your feelings, you probably don’t want to depend on it entirely.

In reality, men can be quite oblivious.

Most guys are probably going to need more than a flush of the cheek when they are looking for a green light to go ahead and approach you.

What you can do to indicate your feeling more is to avoid denying blushing.

If a guy you like says something that makes you blush and asks you about it, own up!

Say, “Yes, I’m blushing!” Consider telling him what it was about his statement that made you blush.

Though it might feel nerve-wracking to admit, he will probably be flattered and it will only increase his attraction to you.


5. Blushing Can Be an Indicator of Health

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When you think of a sickly person, you probably imagine someone who is pale with all the color gone from their face.

This is for good reason!

Blushing can show that a person has good oxygen levels.

This is one reason we associate a pale face with sickness.

Embarrassment is not the only thing that can cause your face to flush.

It can also be caused by exercise, which increased blood flow.

Having a colorful face is a biological indicator that you are alive and healthy.

Even if others don’t realize it on a conscious level, seeing a flushed face can increase attraction because we are biologically wired to want someone with positive health indicators.

Think about it: the most attractive qualities someone can have are oftentimes good skin, a fit body, and healthy, full hair.

A flushed face is yet another indicator that someone’s body is in tip-top condition!


6. Men Are Evolutionarily Predisposed to Blushing

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We don’t know exactly why men are predisposed to like blushing, but they are!

It probably has to do at least in part with the fact blushing can be both an indicator of health and an indicator of youth.

When you think of biologically attractive qualities, they are typically related to health and youth.

Researchers know that men are attracted to woman with flushed faces because they did a study where they presented men with different photos of the same woman.

Men rated the women higher when the pictures featured a flushed face versus when they featured a pale face.

Researchers also did a study where they had people change the color of a photo to make it appear more oxygenated.

Participants were given a photo of a girl and allowed to change the photo’s color to be more or less red.

Those who participated in the study chose to increase the red in the photo to make the subject appear more healthy.

This would seem to suggest that someone’s perceived healthiness is connected to the amount of visual blood flow in their face.

Since we are hard-wired to be attracted to people with good health and good blood flow, the attraction we feel towards blushing might actually be innate.


7. Blushing Can Make You Seem Less Intimidating

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Men can be intimidated by some women and they generally don’t find it a positive thing.

In fact, when men are intimidated by women, studies have shown that they are less romantically interested in a woman who intimidates them.

Apparently, this is a subconscious reaction, and most men don’t even realize that it is a woman’s success they are reacting negatively to!

Many people who experience blushing see it as a flaw or a source of embarrassment.

However, flaws can make you more attractive in some cases.

Blushing might make you appear more down-to-earth and approachable.

Because blushing is an expression of emotion that can’t be controlled, it is a form of being vulnerable.

Vulnerability makes us seem more human and down to earth.

Oftentimes, men have a hard time asking women out because of the vulnerability required.

When they see you being vulnerable by blushing, this might be just what they need to put themselves out there and confess their attraction to you.

Men who are intimidated by a woman are unlikely to approach her because they imagine that their chances of getting rejected are high.

Most men have a belief that highly successful women wouldn’t choose to be with them.

This stems from their own insecurity.

If a man sees that his comments can make you blush, he might feel more confident overall.

This confidence can lead to increased attraction, and in turn, he might finally take the relationship to the next level!


8. Blushing Is Associated with Being Cute

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You might not see this as a positive thing at first.

Maybe you want to come across as hot or sexy, and the idea of being thought of as “cute” is far from your desired outcome.

However, many men and women are more attracted to cuteness than hotness.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

While you might find your blushing embarrassing, there are plenty of people out there who find it incredibly attractive.

Some people believe that cuteness is contrary to desire, but anything that makes someone more attracted to you will increase their overall desire.

If you think about it, drawing of “cute” characters typically include rosy cheeks.

Novels typically describe characters blushing as an endearing trait.

In pop culture, blushing is seen as something that cute people do.

In this sense, blushing might actually be a positive trait even when it feels like a negative one.

If you experience frequent blushing, you might have the instinct to cover it up with a thick foundation so others can’t see.

But you might actually be losing out on an opportunity to attract someone!


9. Blushing Can Make Other People Feel More Comfortable

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While it might feel uncomfortable for you, blushing can often make other people feel more comfortable.

The more comfortable someone feels with another person, the more likely they are to be attracted to them.

Oftentimes, you are blushing because you feel embarrassed.

If you are in an awkward situation, blushing can help lessen the pressure and it can relieve the tensions.

If someone compliments you or confesses their feeling, it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience.

Blushing send a signal to the other person that you were deeply affected by their comment.

Even if you aren’t able to express yourself verbally, they will know that you have taken what they said to heart.

There is one thing you should keep in mind, though: it is important that you don’t avoid situations where you might blush just because it makes you uncomfortable.

Blushing is a sign that you are out of your comfort zone, and this is definitely a good thing.


10. Shyness Can Be Attractive

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Shyness is oftentimes the root cause of blushing.

Normally, we blush when we are embarrassed, but according to a neuroscientist at Duke University, blushing is most often linked with situations in which someone is receiving unwanted social attention.

If we’re being honest, shyness isn’t always considered an attractive trait.

However, that’s often because shy people can easily be misunderstood.

Shy individuals are often quiet and withdrawn in group settings because they do not want to be the center of attention.

Other people might perceive this quietness as a negative thing.

They might misunderstand the cause of a shy person’s withdrawn behavior and believe it to be rooted in haughtiness or a “greater-than-thou” attitude.

If you are shy and find yourself blushing, this can make the people around you realize that your shyness is not a negative quality.

It’s simply that you are not comfortable being the center of attention!

You aren’t quiet because you dislike other people, but because you prefer to be outside the action rather than in the center of it.

Once other people notice this about you, shyness can then be perceived as a positive quality.

After all, not everyone wants to be around people filled with bravado.

There can be something endearing and attractive about being with someone who is quiet and modest.

For men, shyness can be attractive because it makes the man feel more masculine.

Shy girls give off an air of innocence, which makes men’s protective instincts kick in.

For girls, shy guys can seem more trustworthy.

Shy guys are very unlikely to be players because they don’t have the social stamina to be dating many women at once.

This can make women more trusting of a guy.

Many women also don’t want men who are too egotistical or who are attention hogs.

If the person you are interested in is outgoing and seems to never get embarrassed, don’t worry!

Even though opposites don’t normally attract in terms of values, an outgoing partner with a shy one can actually be a great pairing.

This will mean that the outgoing partner won’t have to compete for center stage, and the shy partner can be protected from too much social attention by their partner’s ability to draw the attention away from them.

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