What Color Lipstick To Wear With Peach Dress? (Explained)

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Choosing the right colored lipstick is very important if you want to appear classy.

Lipstick can make or break an outfit.

Bold lipsticks can easily clash with bright outfits or dark eyeshadow looks.

This is why selecting a good lip shade is so important.


What Color Lipstick to Wear with a Peach Dress?

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If your peach dress is the star of the show, opt for a light pink, nude, or mauve color.

This will make sure you don’t take attention away from the dress.

If you want your lipstick to be the focus of attention, though, you can go bold with a red.

While red might seem like a strange color choice with peach, stars like Taylor Swift have worn the color combination on the red carpet and pulled it off every time.


A. Light Peach Dress

If you are wearing a light peach dress that is close to your skin tone, you can wear almost any lip color you can think of.

This is because, for people with a peachy or pink complexion and light skin, a light peach can act as a neutral.


B. Dark Peach

If you are going for a brighter and deeper peach dress, it is probably best to stick with nude lipstick that won’t stand out too much.

Alternatively, you could pick a deeper peach to complement your dress.


C. Matching

If you want to go for a monochromatic look, consider matching your lip color to your peach dress.

This can be a great way to stand out from the crowd while still presenting a coherent look.


What Colors Clash with Peach?

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There are some colors that you absolutely want to avoid wearing with a pink dress.

Fuchsia lipstick does not go with peach dresses because of its cool purple undertones.

Any bold lip colors like purple or blue are not going to pair well with a peach dress.

Generally, if you want to use an unnatural lip color, you should keep the rest of your outfit completely neutral.

Any violet lipstick should be avoided unless it is a mauve color that looks neutral on your skin tone.

The same can be said for red-violet.


What If I Have a Darker Complexion?

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If you have a darker complexion and you are wearing a light peach dress, we recommend not matching your lipstick to the dress.

Light peach on your lips will most likely look like what we refer to as “concealer lips.”

Instead, opt for a deeper pink or red color.


Alternatives To Lipstick

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If you don’t have a lipstick that looks good with your peach dress, there are a couple of alternatives you can try out.


A. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss can give a softer look because it is less pigmented.

This means you will be able to use a wider range of lip gloss colors to match your dress.

However, you are still going to want to stay away from hot pink and fuchsia colors.


B. Chapstick

If you don’t have a lipstick or lip gloss that works, consider using Chapstick or Vaseline!

This will give your lips a nice shine without changing their color of them.

The natural color of your lips is guaranteed to pair well with everything!

Also, if you do any kissing at the event, your lips will be silky smooth.

That’s because Chapstick and Vaseline are made to soothe dryness.


What Color Eyeshadow Should I Wear with My Peach Dress?

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After you have picked out your lipstick, you still have the rest of your look to figure out! If you go for a bold lip color, leave your eyes looking neutral.

If you want to go fully in a peach theme, you can do a peachy eye look!

Many makeup brands have entire eyeshadow pallets devoted to peach colors, such as the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette.

As a bonus, this palette even smells like peaches too!

If you want to go for a more bold look, you can consider doing a turquoise, teal, or baby blue eye look.


What Color Blush Should I Wear with My Peach Dress?

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Some of the best blushes to pair with a peach dress is pinky-peach colors.

One classic peachy-pink blush choice you could go with is the color orgasm in the Nars blush line.

The added benefit of this blush is that it has gold flakes in it!

If you have a warmer skin tone, consider going with the “orgasm x” version, which is an apricot-peach color, also featuring gold shimmer.

If you are looking for a less pink blush and more peachy, you could opt for the Benefit Cosmetics “peachin’” blush.

If you want to get away from powder blushes, Huda Beauty has a cream blush stick in the color peach.


What Jewelry Goes with a Peach Dress?

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Makeup isn’t the only thing you need to think about when putting together a complete outfit!

You should also consider what jewelry works best with your outfit.

Peach is always going to look best with gold jewelry.

Though silver jewelry can work if it is your only option, peach is a warm color and is best paired with warm jewelry.


What Accessories Should I Wear with a Peach Dress?

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The answer for this one is the same as jewelry: gold!

You should search for gold accessories if you want to enhance the look of your peach dress.

Pairing gold and peach is like creating a sunset with your outfit.

A more bold and fun choice would be a teal or aqua accessory.

If you want your look to still appear “classic” we recommend using teal or aqua in your smaller accessories, like earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

For your larger accessories such as shoes and bags, it is good to get them in a neutral color, such as the same peach as your dress or gold.

In addition to gold, mustard can pair quite well with a peach dress.

Since it is so close to gold in appearance, you could even opt for making some of your larger accessories mustard colored.

For example, a mustard purse and shoes might make your outfit appear more fun.

A more unusual and bold color you can pair with peach is olive green.

Navy and peach are another classic color combination.

Remember, though, if you use these colors for large accessories like bags and shoes, it might overwhelm your look negatively.

Another great color to pair with peach is white.

White accessories will give a summer feel and will make the dress appear even more feminine.


What Skin Tones Are Best for Peach Dresses?

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Not all colors work for all skin tones.

Peach dresses are typically best suited for those with cool or neutral skin tones.

If you have a warmer skin tone, you might be better off wearing an apricot dress compared to a peach one.


I’m a Bridesmaid and I’m Being Asked to Wear a Peach Dress that Doesn’t Suit Me. What Should I Do?

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One of the most difficult parts of being a bridesmaid is being made to buy a dress you never wanted to own in the first place.

Many brides are becoming more open and progressive.

It is becoming more common to get to select your dress cut as long as everyone is wearing a matching color.

However, if your friend selects peach as their wedding color of choice, it can put you in a tricky situation.

At the end of the day, you can’t ask your friend to change her entire color scheme to fit your desired look.

Some brides do intentionally choose unattractive bridesmaid dresses because they want to ensure they are the most beautiful girl at the event.

If you feel that your friend has picked this color because she knows that it doesn’t suit you, you can always turn down her invitation to serve as a bridesmaid.

It might offend her, but at least you won’t have to wear the dress.

If you don’t want to jeopardize your friendship or wedding invite, the best thing to do is to suck it up and try to choose carefully the aspects of the outfit in your control.

Wearing gold jewelry and accessories will make the outfit look more put together and can bring a dress from average to stunning.

Your real saving grace can be in the makeup look.

If peach isn’t a color that normally suits you, don’t go for peach makeup.

Instead, do a natural eye with bright red lips.


Should I Wear Lipstick with My Peach Dress?

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If you try on all your lipstick colors and find that nothing matches, you can always skip out on the lipstick entirely.

Even though lipstick can be a nice addition to an outfit, it isn’t necessarily required.

Sometimes lipstick can be more trouble than it is worth.

It is easy for your lipstick to get smeared throughout the night or get on your teeth.

It can also leave residue on your glasses and silverware when you are eating and drinking.

If you are eating and drinking throughout the day or night, bold lipstick can easily fade from your lips.

The problem is that it rarely fades evenly.

Instead, just the inside disappears, and you are left with an unsightly ring of red on the outer edges of your lips!

If your lipstick is going to cause too much stress, just leave it out of your makeup routine.


What Hair Color Goes Best with Peach?

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It is a little extreme to change your hair color to match a dress, but if you have an affinity for peach outfits, usually a light brunette hair color goes best with it.

Blonde can look quite good too.


Is Peach a Versatile Color?

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Peach is not a very versatile color compared to many other colors on the color wheel.

The most versatile colors will be black and white, followed by neutral colors like cream and brown.

The reason peach is not a versatile color is that it clashes easily with so many color options.

Black and white, on the other hand, don’t clash with any accessories.

This doesn’t mean you should stay away from peach entirely.

Though it might be a bad idea to include it in your capsule wardrobe, for people who love variety, a peach dress can be a great addition to their wardrobe.

When bringing a new color into your wardrobe, think about what you already have in it.

For example, if you have lots of gold accessories and jewelry, a peach outfit will pair quite well with many things in your closet!

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