What Color Nails Do Guys Like? (Explained)

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Are you looking for the best color to paint your nails?

One of the major reasons women get into beauty is to attract men.

In this article, we will help you understand which nail color attracts the most men.

We’ll also help you decide which nail color is best for you!


What Color Nails Do Men Like?

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Multiple scientific studies indicate the nail color that men are most attracted to is red.

Wearing red specifically increases attractiveness.

According to some studies, this increased attraction appears to be biologically driven.

If you are looking for one color that is going to attract the highest number of men, red is the color for you.

What if you aren’t comfortable wearing red polish?

That’s not a problem!

Many men are attracted to women who take care of their appearance.

Choosing a different color can communicate different things.

If you want to attract a bad boy, black might be a better pick for you.

If you want a man who loves your playful nature, you can wear a light blue with bright flowers.

We will take you through all of the best nail colors to attract men.


Why Red Is #1

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Red acts almost as an aphrodisiac.

It makes sense if you think about it.

Think of films that have a character playing a seductress.

Normally she is wearing a red dress and even red lipstick.

Red lipstick is another example of the popularity of red as a classic makeup color.

There are scientific studies to back this effect up!

A variety of experiments have been done to test the attractiveness of red.

The results indicated that women who were wearing red were “significantly more attractive and sexually desirable by men than the exact same women shown with other colors.”

What is also interesting is that this attraction wasn’t limited to human men.

Studies also indicate that other male primates are more attracted to females that display red.

The studies also suggested that men were willing to spend more money on women who wore red.

What girl doesn’t like being treated by a man?

It is precisely because of this scientific phenomenon that we recommend red as the #1 nail color to wear.


Pros & Cons of Red

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Look, red is a bold color.

It certainly makes a statement.

Not everyone is rushing out to buy red polish, and it’s understandable.

If you are hesitant about donning red polish, here are a few pros and cons.



Red immediately draws attention to you.

This is great if you are looking to get the attention of men.

Cosmopolitan magazine published a poll in which they found that 40% of men preferred red polish.

Red polish got a higher rating than any other color on the poll.

This is more proof that men are strongly attracted to this color.

Out of all of the colors in the world, red is the one that has scientific evidence supporting its attractiveness.

Not only that but the science has been reproduced in multiple studies.

Red is also a classic color that can be easily worn with any neutral.



Red is a very sultry color.

Some women might not be comfortable wearing such a bold color.

Perhaps it doesn’t match any of your outfits.

Maybe you feel like red just isn’t the right color for you.

If you have any of these concerns about red nail polish, you don’t need to wear it.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

There are other great nail color options out there for you.


Other Desirable Nail Colors

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You don’t have to limit yourself to red nail polish.

After all, many men get into relationships with women who never wear red.

There are many other colors that men find attractive.

These are some of the other top nail polishes you can use to attract a man.


1. All-Around Favorites

The nails are covered with pink gel polish for Valentine's Day


A. Pink

Pink is the classic, girly color.

While it doesn’t have the hefty biological attraction of red polish, it is clearly in second place for the top polish.

At the end of the day, many men love women who are willing to show off their feminine side.

This is part of the reason they like women who wear nail polish in the first place! Within the pink color family, there are a couple of different directions you can take your nails.


B. Light Pink

Light pink can be a great nail color if you are feeling shy about going with a color as bold as red.

It gives a feminine touch.

A light pink polish also has the advantage of appearing very natural.

In a poll run by Cosmopolitan magazine, men rated sheer pink polish as their second favorite behind red.


C. Bright Pink

Bright pink can be much more of a statement than light pink.

However, since pink is such a traditional color for women, it’s not going to shock guys if you wear a bright version of it.

Bright pink is a great option for your classic girly girl who is secure in her femininity and wants to show it off.


D. Nude

Many men prefer the natural look.

Nude polish is a great way to achieve that.

The wonderful thing about nude nail polish is that it will give you that manicured look without drawing any attention.

In fact, some men might not even realize you have nail polish on at all!


2. For Bold Personalities

Black Manicured Nails. Nice Hand with Golden Jewelry


The type of nail polish a man is attracted to depends on what he is looking for in a woman.

If you have a bold personality, there is no need to stick to neutrals and pinks.

Show off your personality through your polish!

After all, you don’t need to attract all men—just the best men for you.


A. Black

This is the boldest option you can go with in terms of nail polish.

Black nail polish is going to be great for girls who have a rock & roll vibe to them.

If you are an e-girl or goth, it’s much better to wear black polish than pink or red.

You should own who you are.

Following your individual style is important for attracting the right man.


B. Blue

Blue can be a fun and playful color!

There are a huge variety of different blue shades available.

Which shade you choose is really going to depend on what you are going for.


C. Light Blue

A baby blue gives off a more free-spirited and innocent vibe.

It screams “cute,” which isn’t always a bad thing.

If you are looking for something playful and youthful, a baby blue is going to be a great option for you.

Light blue is a great choice if you are heading to the beach.

It is a wonderful summer or spring color and can remind guys of the waves and blue skies.

It has associations with light-hearted fun.

What guy wouldn’t want to be around a girl who makes him think of all of that?


D. Dark Blue

Dark blues can give the same sultry vibe as black.

They have the advantage of being a little more toned down than black, though.

Midnight blue can communicate to guys that you are a little edgy and alternative, but still fun and playful.

Since dark blue is a bolder color, it can look great on long nails.

Darker colors tend to make nails look shorter and smaller, but that won’t matter if you have a long manicure.

A great option for taking your dark blue nails to the next level is to add a glittery, silver accent nail.

Typically, you would want to add an accent nail to the ring finger.

An accent nail is a great way to grab a guy’s attention.


E. Green

You might not immediately think of green when thinking of nail colors.

However, the truth is that green is coming into style big-time!

It’s one of the biggest colors of the moment.

If you walk into any trendy clothing store, you are bound to find basics in a variety of different green colors.

Why not put it on your nails as well?


F. Emerald Green

A deep, emerald green is going to give off a sophisticated but exciting look.

Green is a wonderful color for sparking interest while still appearing classy.

What guy doesn’t want a classy woman?

Adding some glitter to emerald green polish is a way to make it look even more glam.

Emerald green is a great contender for matte nail polish.

Since it is so classy and bold, it looks great when the shine is eliminated.

Colors that pair well with emerald green include gold and white.

In fact, if you search for emerald green nails, you are probably going to see a lot of marbled nails.

This is another great option to show off your creativity to men!


G. Lime Green

Lime green is the ultimate bold color.

It will immediately make your fingers stand out.

This is a great one to pair with some statement rings.

Green is increasingly “in” this season.

If you want to go really neon with your nails, you can even get a neon polish that glows under blacklight.

If you are trying to catch a guy’s attention at a rave or the club, this is going to be a wonderful option.

You can also find some glow-in-the-dark lime nail polish.

If you will be with a guy you are interested in after sundown, glow-in-the-dark nails can be a way to spice up the night!


H. Purple

A purple is a great option because it is unexpected, like green, but still girly.

Purple is like pink’s feisty cousin.

It is the least “bold” option out of all of the ones in this section.

If you want to go a little off the beaten path but don’t want to get too wild, purple can be a great option for you.


I. Royal Purple

Purple comes in a variety of colors.

A deep, royal purple is bold but feminine.

Darker colors like royal purple give a more sultry feel.

It’s called royal for good reason!

This color used to just be reserved for the upper classes of society.

If you want to attract a high-value man, royal purple will send all the right signals.

Royal purple is great when paired with white, gold, or silver.

An ombre effect with a white base can be a great way to draw a guy’s attention.

Because this is a bold color, it does well on more bold nail shapes like coffin or stiletto nails.


J. Lavender

Lavender is playful, just like baby blue.

However, lavender gives off more of a feminine and soft style.

It is less mainstream and a little more unexpected when compared to pink.

A lavender nail can be a great canvas for a discreet design.

Some designs that do well with this color are lavender plants, flowers, and geometric shapes.

Lavender is also very popular to pair with glitter.

Silver glitter and purple glitter are two great options if you want to spice up lavender nails.


3. For the Artist

beautiful female hand with colorful nail art design manicure


A. Elaborate Designs

You don’t have to just stick to one nail color.

If you are the artistic type, consider opting for an intricate design on your nails.

Nails with artistic designs can be a great conversation starter.

Some good themes for elaborate designs include floral nails or geometric nails.

If you really want to go all out, you could add some gemstones or little 3-D flowers on top.


4. For the Glam Girl

Bright purple Nail art manicure


A. Glitter Galore

The best nail color is one that is authentic to who you are.

If you constantly like to be dressed to the nines with all the shiny jewelry to match, don’t be afraid to go all out on your nails!

You can match the color of the glitter with the color of your nail, or create a contrast between the two.


5. For the Fashionista

Nails coloured with autumn style knitted pattern


A. Matching Polish

There is nothing that says passionate fashionista like matching your polish to your outfit!

If you love styling yourself, changing up your polish each day with your outfit can be a great way to communicate that to a man.

Men love women who take pride in their appearance.


6. For the Girl Who Is Fearlessly Authentic

manicures in the Scandinavian style in black white gray and purple color pattern


A. Go Weird

If you are quirky and weird, own it.

For girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves, nails can be a wonderful way to communicate that.

Many guys are attracted to women who don’t pretend to be someone they aren’t.

If you want a set of nails that feature your favorite cartoon characters, go out and get them.

If you love tennis and want to commemorate it with nails, go ahead! If you want to have cow print nails, no one can stop you!

In fact, with press-on nails, you can find almost any design under the sun, especially with custom nail creators who sell anything and everything online.


What If I Don’t Like Nail Polish?

thinking woman


Maybe you are searching up this article because you want to land a man, but at the end of the day, none of these options sound appealing to you.

If you simply hate nail polish, you don’t have to wear it.

After all, your life belongs to you.

Painting your nails takes time and money.

It should be a source of joy, not a chore!


Bottom Line

Picking the right nail polish isn’t just about which attracts the most guys.

It’s about which nail polish attracts the right guy for you.

It’s important you don’t fall into pretending to be someone you aren’t.

Wearing nice nail polish can help you put your best foot forward.

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