20 Blue Acrylic Nail Designs To Inspire

Blue, the color of serene oceans and endless skies, has always been a favorite in the fashion world, and the realm of acrylic nails is no exception.

Whether you’re yearning for a subtle pastel hue or a dramatic deep navy, the versatility of blue offers a myriad of artistic possibilities.

In this article, we’ve listed 20 mesmerizing blue acrylic nail designs that promise to ignite your creativity.

From timeless classics to avant-garde innovations, prepare to dive into a sea of inspiration and discover the perfect shade and design to adorn your fingertips.

20 Blue Acrylic Nail Designs To Inspire


1. Ocean Waves

Base: Pale sky blue.

Design: Use varying shades of blue to create wavy patterns. Add white highlights to mimic sea foam.

The Ocean Waves acrylic nail design draws its inspiration from the serene beauty of the sea.

With a base of pale sky blue, it serves as a calming backdrop to the varying shades of blue that dance across the nails, resembling the rhythmic flow of ocean waves.

The addition of white highlights expertly mimics sea foam, adding depth and dynamism to the design.

Anyone donning this nail art would appreciate its tranquil vibes, making it a perfect choice for those looking to carry a piece of the ocean’s serenity with them.

2. Crystal Caverns

Base: Ice blue.

Design: Layer with various shades of blue to simulate the depth and intrigue of icy




The Crystal Caverns acrylic nail design is a mesmerizing dive into the mysterious beauty of nature’s hidden icy realms.

With a base of ice blue, it sets the tone for a chilly, enchanting underground journey.

The true artistry emerges as various shades of blue are layered upon each other, each layer adding to the illusion of depth and dimension, reminiscent of cavern walls adorned with glistening ice crystals.

This design captures the intrigue of exploring untouched caverns, where every turn reveals another shimmering spectacle.

It’s perfect for those drawn to the allure of natural wonders and the otherworldly beauty of subterranean icy landscapes.

With its intricate layering and cool tones, the Crystal Caverns design promises to be both a conversation starter and a symbol of serene beauty.

3. Geometric Gradient

Base: Gradient from deep navy to light turquoise.

Design: Use masking tape to create sharp geometric shapes. Paint over with contrasting shades.

The Geometric Gradient acrylic nail design is a captivating fusion of color transition and sharp patterns.

With a base that smoothly shifts from a profound navy to a refreshing light turquoise, it evokes a modern and stylish feel.

Using masking tape, sharp geometric shapes are intricately plotted, and when painted over with contrasting shades, they pop with vivid distinction.

This design is for those who appreciate artistry and want to make a statement.

It’s contemporary allure and contrasting play of shades make it an ideal choice for individuals who enjoy standing out in the crowd with a touch of sophistication.

4. Marbled Blues

Base: White.

Design: Drop blobs of various blues and then swirl them using a needle or toothpick.

The Marbled Blues acrylic nail design exudes a mesmerizing elegance reminiscent of natural marble patterns.

With a pristine white base, the canvas is set for a breathtaking display.

Droplets of varied blue hues are meticulously placed, and then artistically swirled using a needle or toothpick, creating an intricate dance of colors that intertwine and flow seamlessly.

This design captivates the eye with its unpredictability and unique charm.

Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of organic patterns and wish to wear a piece of art on their nails, Marbled Blues offers a sophisticated yet playful look that can be both a conversation starter and a statement of refined taste.

5. Icy Snowflakes

Base: Ice blue.

Design: Draw intricate snowflakes using a silver or white acrylic paint.

The Icy Snowflakes acrylic nail design transports its admirer to a winter wonderland with its ethereal charm.

Set against an ice blue base, it resonates with the cool tranquility of frosty mornings.

Delicate snowflakes, hand-drawn with either silver or white acrylic paint, dance across the nails, each one a testament to the beauty of nature’s frozen artwork.

This design is ideal for those who cherish the magic of winter and desire a touch of its elegance at their fingertips.

Its subtle shimmer and delicate detailing make it a perfect choice for festive occasions or simply to celebrate the serene beauty of the colder months.

6. Peacock Feathers

Base: Teal blue.

Design: Paint the eye of the feather in a deep blue, surrounded by gold and greenish-blue wisps.

The Peacock Feathers acrylic nail design is a splendid display of nature’s opulence.

The teal blue base sets a regal stage reminiscent of the majestic bird itself. At the center, the eye of the feather is painted in a deep blue, radiating an intense allure.

This is further accentuated by strokes of gold and greenish-blue wisps that mimic the iridescent quality of actual peacock feathers.

Anyone sporting this design is not just wearing nail art; they’re wearing a symbol of grandeur and elegance.

It’s a perfect choice for those who wish to express their penchant for luxury and nature’s intricate beauty in one stunning visual statement.

7. Blue Blossoms

Base: Pastel blue.

Design: Paint delicate blue flowers with a dark center, possibly using a fine brush or stamping tool.

The Blue Blossoms acrylic nail design embodies a serene harmony of color and floral aesthetics.

With a gentle pastel blue backdrop, it evokes feelings of a springtime sky or a tranquil morning.

Delicate blue flowers, each with a contrasting dark center, are meticulously painted either by hand with a fine brush or expertly stamped.

The balance of light and dark within the design captures the ethereal beauty of blossoms against a clear sky.

This design is a haven for those who adore nature’s soft, understated elegance. Ideal for those seeking a touch of grace and poise, Blue Blossoms is a timeless choice that harmonizes with both casual and formal looks.

8. Patchwork Denim

Base: Denim blue.

Design: Use lighter and darker blue shades to create a patchwork quilt pattern.

The Patchwork Denim acrylic nail design is a delightful nod to vintage fashion and cozy craftsmanship.

Anchored by a denim blue base, it exudes a comfortably familiar feel akin to one’s favorite pair of jeans.

The design intricately incorporates lighter and darker blue shades to simulate the stitched-together squares of a classic patchwork quilt.

This pattern carries a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of heirloom quilts and the warmth of yesteryears.

Ideal for those who cherish a blend of fashion and tradition, the Patchwork Denim design offers a unique style statement, blending the rugged charm of denim with the meticulous artistry of quilting.

9. Underwater Coral

Base: Ocean blue.

Design: Paint coral designs using pinks, purples, and whites.

The Underwater Coral acrylic nail design plunges its beholder into the vibrant depths of the ocean.

Set against an enchanting ocean blue base, it provides a glimpse into the marine world’s hidden treasures.

Coral motifs, painted in shades of pinks, purples, and whites, spring to life, representing the rich biodiversity of coral reefs.

This design resonates with the allure of the deep sea and the mesmerizing tapestry of life it harbors.

It’s an impeccable choice for those drawn to the ocean’s mysteries and wishing to showcase its beauty.

With its vivid colors and intricate details, the Underwater Coral design is a testament to the splendor of marine life, making it a favorite for both aquatic enthusiasts and those seeking a splash of vibrant artistry.

10. Galaxy Dreams

Base: Deep space blue.

Design: Sponge on lighter blues, purples, and whites to create a galaxy effect. Add stars.

The Galaxy Dreams acrylic nail design is a celestial journey to the far reaches of the cosmos.

Beginning with a deep space blue base, it sets a vast and mysterious backdrop.

The artistry truly comes alive as lighter blues, purples, and whites are sponged on, crafting a nebulous swirl that mimics the boundless beauty of galaxies.

To complete the cosmic tableau, twinkling stars are added, bringing a touch of the infinite to one’s fingertips.

This design is perfect for those with a penchant for the wonders of the universe and an appreciation for the profound beauty of the night sky.

Galaxy Dreams is not just a nail design, but a miniature universe, inviting its wearer and admirers to dream beyond the stars.

11. Tropical Lagoon

Base: Turquoise.

Design: Paint palm trees or tropical fish in contrasting colors.

The Tropical Lagoon acrylic nail design is a vibrant escape to a sun-soaked paradise.

The base is a captivating turquoise, reminiscent of clear tropical waters shimmering under the sun.

Upon this backdrop, silhouettes of palm trees or the vivid hues of tropical fish are painted, each detail capturing the essence of a dreamy beachside retreat.

This design evokes the leisurely charm of a tropical getaway, making it perfect for those who yearn for a touch of the exotic in their everyday lives.

For anyone seeking a splash of adventure and the allure of balmy shores, Tropical Lagoon serves as a delightful and colorful reminder of nature’s seaside splendors.

12. Mystic Mandala

Base: Royal blue.

Design: Use gold or silver paint to draw intricate mandala patterns.

The Mystic Mandala acrylic nail design is a harmonious blend of spiritual symbolism and artistic expression.

Against the deep canvas of royal blue, the intricate mandala patterns are meticulously drawn using shimmering gold or silver paint.

These patterns, with their concentric circles and geometric shapes, are not just ornate designs but also represent the universe and the self in various spiritual traditions.

This design is a perfect choice for those drawn to the spiritual and the mystical, seeking a touch of the divine in their daily lives.

With its rich colors and profound symbolism, the Mystic Mandala design transcends mere aesthetics, offering a deeply resonating piece of art that can inspire introspection and tranquility.

13. Raindrop Reflections

Base: Sky blue.

Design: Paint realistic looking raindrops and, within each drop, reflect a scene or pattern.

The Raindrop Reflections acrylic nail design is a poetic embodiment of nature’s transient beauty.

With a sky blue base that evokes a calm after a rain shower, the design’s true marvel lies in the meticulously painted raindrops.

Each droplet, with its glassy sheen, captures a reflected scene or pattern, showcasing a world within a world.

This intricate detailing not only exhibits artistic prowess but also draws in observers with its depth and realism.

Ideal for those who find beauty in nature’s subtle moments and wish to carry a piece of it with them, the Raindrop Reflections design is a delicate balance of serenity and complexity, making it a mesmerizing choice for any nail art enthusiast.

14. Nautical Stripes

Base: Navy blue.

Design: Paint horizontal or vertical stripes using white or a lighter blue. Maybe add an anchor or wheel design.

The Nautical Stripes acrylic nail design embodies the timeless appeal of maritime elegance.

With a rich navy blue base, the design evokes the depth of the open sea.

Over this profound blue, horizontal or vertical stripes in white or a contrasting lighter blue are painted, channeling the classic marine aesthetic.

To further accentuate the theme, the addition of an anchor or wheel design serves as a nod to seafaring adventures and age-old naval traditions.

This design is perfect for those who have an affinity for the sea or simply appreciate the clean, classic lines of nautical fashion.

Whether attending a summer soiree or simply yearning for the call of the ocean, Nautical Stripes offers a chic and sophisticated tribute to marine allure.

15. Glacial Cracks

Base: Glacier blue.

Design: Use a thin brush to create crack patterns with a darker blue shade.

The Glacial Cracks acrylic nail design channels the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s frozen landscapes.

Starting with a glacier blue base, it captures the icy expanse of untouched terrains.

The real artistry unfolds with the introduction of crack patterns, meticulously drawn using a darker blue shade with a thin brush.

These fractures mirror the intricate networks of crevices found in vast glaciers, creating a sense of depth and movement on the nail.

This design is perfect for those who appreciate the stark yet stunning vistas of polar regions and wish to carry a piece of their cool, majestic beauty.

With its evocative imagery and chilling allure, Glacial Cracks offers a unique blend of nature’s grandeur and artistic finesse.

16. Butterfly Wings

Base: Azure blue.

Design: Paint intricate butterfly wing patterns with contrasting colors like black or deep blue.

The Butterfly Wings acrylic nail design celebrates the delicate beauty and vibrant patterns found in nature’s most enchanting creatures.

Using an azure blue as the foundation, this design embodies the open sky and the freedom associated with butterfly flights.

Upon this serene backdrop, intricate wing patterns come alive, typically rendered in contrasting shades like black or deep blue.

Every stroke captures the ethereal beauty and detailed venation of real butterfly wings.

Perfect for those who are captivated by nature’s artistry and wish to sport a design that’s both elegant and symbolically profound, the Butterfly Wings design is a fluttering testament to transformation, beauty, and the wonders of the natural world.

17. Skyline Silhouette

Base: Dusk blue.

Design: Paint a city skyline or mountain silhouette in black or deep blue at the nail tips.


The Skyline Silhouette acrylic nail design seamlessly captures the serene transition from day to night in bustling cities or majestic mountain terrains.

With a dusk blue base, it evokes the tranquil moments just before twilight, when the world is bathed in a soft, ambient glow.

The design reaches its pinnacle at the nail tips, where a meticulously painted city skyline or the jagged outline of mountain peaks emerge in black or deep blue.

This subtle gradient from the calm base to the defining silhouette mirrors the horizon at sunset.

Ideal for urbanites with a love for their city’s iconic skyline or nature enthusiasts who cherish the grandeur of mountains, this design effortlessly melds sophistication with a touch of nostalgia.

The Skyline Silhouette serves as a daily reminder of the places one holds dear, all while making a chic and evocative style statement.

18. Cubist Blues

Base: Cyan blue.

Design: Use geometric shapes and lines to create a cubist inspired design in various shades of blue.

The Cubist Blues acrylic nail design is a modernist ode to the revolutionary art movement of Cubism.

With a vibrant cyan blue base, it offers a vivid canvas reminiscent of a blue sky on a clear day.

The design truly flourishes with the introduction of geometric shapes and lines, painting a fragmented and multifaceted vision in various shades of blue.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic works of artists like Picasso, this nail design breaks the conventional mold, offering a fresh perspective.

It’s perfect for the avant-garde art lover, someone who appreciates abstraction and seeks to showcase the interplay of form and color.

With its bold aesthetics and innovative inspiration, Cubist Blues stands as a testament to the enduring allure of art movements and their translation into contemporary fashion.

19. Dreamy Clouds

Base: Baby blue.

Design: Use white paint to create fluffy clouds, possibly adding a sun or moon detail.

The Dreamy Clouds acrylic nail design encapsulates the serenity and whimsy of a clear day’s sky. Its baby blue base sets a tranquil atmosphere, reminiscent of a calm morning or a peaceful afternoon.

Upon this gentle expanse, fluffy white clouds are painted, evoking the dreamlike quality of gazing up at the vast sky.

For an added touch of celestial wonder, the inclusion of a sun or moon detail elevates the design, drawing in elements of dawn, dusk, or twilight.

Perfect for those who find solace in nature’s ever-changing canvas and wish to carry a piece of the sky with them, the Dreamy Clouds design is a breath of fresh air, offering both visual delight and a sense of calm to any observer.

20. Aztec Patterns

Base: Electric blue.

Design: Paint intricate Aztec-inspired patterns using black, white, or even metallic shades.

The Aztec Patterns acrylic nail design is a vibrant fusion of history and artistry, channeling the rich tapestry of ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

With an electric blue base, the design pulsates with energy, reminiscent of the brilliant hues often associated with Aztec art.

Adorning this vivacious backdrop are intricate patterns inspired by Aztec motifs, meticulously painted in contrasting shades of black, white, or even reflective metallics.

This design offers more than just visual appeal; it’s a bridge to a bygone era, celebrating the complexity and beauty of an ancient civilization.

Ideal for those with a penchant for historical art or those seeking a bold, geometric aesthetic, the Aztec Patterns design marries tradition with contemporary flair, ensuring the wearer stands out with a statement of both culture and style.


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