20 Acrylic Nail Designs For Winter

Winter is a time for celebrating with family and friends, and what better way to embrace its charm than with a set of beautifully designed acrylic nails?

Dive into our collection of 20 captivating acrylic nail designs tailored for winter, and let your fingertips echo the magic of the season.

20 Acrylic Nail Designs For Winter


1. Snowflake Sparkle

Base: Frosty white.

Design: Delicate snowflakes with silver glitter highlights.

The Snowflake Sparkle acrylic nail design is a dreamy embodiment of winter’s pristine beauty.

With a frosty white base, it transports one to a serene winter wonderland where the world is blanketed under a fresh layer of snow.

The highlight of this design is the addition of delicate snowflakes, each meticulously crafted to capture nature’s intricate artistry.

For lovers of subtle glamour and natural beauty, Snowflake Sparkle promises a captivating blend of both, making it an irresistible choice for festive occasions or simply to celebrate the snowy season in style.

2. Crimson Chill

Base: Deep red.

Design: Subtle snowfall overlay in white.

The Crimson Chill acrylic nail design artfully shows the warmth of a deep red base with the cool undertones of a winter wonderland.

The design seamlessly blends the warmth and passion associated with the color red with the serene and calming vibes of a snowy landscape.

The design offers a harmonious blend of warmth and chill, making it a captivating choice for the cooler months.

3. Mystic Iceberg

Base: Glacial blue gradient.

Design: Silver vein patterns, reminiscent of cracks in ice.

The Mystic Iceberg acrylic nail design plunges one into the depths of the Arctic seas, drawing inspiration from the magnificent icebergs that float majestically upon them.

The silver vein patterns, reminiscent of cracks in ice, add a layer of depth and realism, giving the illusion of age-old fractures formed over millennia.

This design is a tribute to the untamed beauty of nature’s icy wonders, encapsulating their mystique and grandeur on one’s fingertips.

The Mystic Iceberg design offers a chilly yet enchanting escape, making it a showstopper for the winter season.

4. Golden Ember Nights

Base: Midnight black.

Design: Gold glitter scattered, emulating a starry winter night.

The Golden Ember Nights acrylic nail design captures the enchantment of a clear winter’s night, where the vastness of the cosmos unfolds in all its glory against the inky canvas of the sky.

With a deep, midnight black base, the design evokes the stillness and mystery of nighttime.

It’s a design for those who find solace in the night sky, who feel a connection to the universe’s infinite wonders.

5. Frosted Berries

Base: Berry red.

Design: A frosty overlay with white icicle-like drips from the nail tip.

The Frosted Berries acrylic nail design is a delightful fusion of nature’s winter spectacles with a touch of festive charm.

The luscious berry red base exudes warmth and evokes memories of vibrant berries peeking through a snow-covered landscape.

This vibrant backdrop is then gracefully adorned with a frosty overlay, giving it a chilly, crystalline touch.

Frosted Berries is not just a nail design; it’s a narrative of resilience and beauty in the cold, making it an enchanting choice for winter enthusiasts and those wanting to carry a hint of festive elegance wherever they go.


6. Nordic Patterns

Base: Cool gray.

Design: Nordic sweater patterns in white and deep blue.

With a cool gray base, the design provides a canvas reminiscent of a cloudy winter sky or the soft wool of a cherished sweater.

This design is perfect for those with a fondness for heritage, storytelling, and the cozy embrace of a winter sweater.

It exudes a sense of nostalgia and warmth, making it ideal for the chilly season.

For lovers of culture, tradition, and the artistry of handwoven tales, the Nordic Patterns nail design offers a beautiful fusion of history and style.

7. Winter’s Aurora

Base: Dark navy.

Design: Ethereal streaks of green and pink to mimic the Northern Lights.

This nail design captures the ethereal beauty of one of nature’s most mesmerizing phenomena: the Northern Lights.

Set against a deep navy base, which evokes the vast, star-studded polar night sky, the design showcases dreamy streaks of green and pink.

It’s a perfect choice for those who are enchanted by the mysteries of the universe and the wonders of the natural world.

8. Snow-capped Mountains

Base: Sky blue.

Design: Snowy mountain peaks at the nail tips.

This nail design is an exquisite representation of nature’s grandeur, bringing the awe-inspiring beauty of alpine vistas to one’s fingertips.

The gentle sky blue base sets a tranquil backdrop, reminiscent of clear winter skies that stretch endlessly over mountain ranges.

For those who cherish the majesty of mountainous terrains and the crisp air of higher altitudes, the Snow-capped Mountains design offers a daily dose of inspiration and a touch of the great outdoors.

9. Winter Rose

Base: Mauve.

Design: White roses with glittery edges.


The Winter Rose acrylic nail design gracefully combines the timeless elegance of roses with the enchanting allure of winter’s frosty embrace.

With a base of subtle mauve, the design evokes the soft hue of roses blooming under the muted light of a winter’s day.

This design speaks to those who find beauty in contrasts: the delicate bloom amidst the cold, the shimmering frost on soft petals.

It’s perfect for individuals who appreciate both the classic allure of roses and the magical touch of winter’s glitter.

10. Holly & Ivy

Base: Forest green.

Design: Paint delicate holly berries and leaves.

The Holly & Ivy acrylic nail design is a festive tribute to timeless winter greenery, encapsulating the heart of holiday traditions.

Set upon a forest green base that recalls the dense evergreens of winter woodlands, the design is adorned with delicate holly berries and leaves, each painted with care to capture their iconic seasonal charm.

The vibrant red berries pop against the green, embodying the spirit and colors of the holiday season.

For those seeking a touch of festive elegance that resonates with cherished holiday memories, the Holly & Ivy design offers a delightful blend of tradition and beauty.


11. Mistletoe Magic

Base: Metallic gold.

Design: Green mistletoe with tiny red berries.

The Mistletoe Magic acrylic nail design weaves a tale of holiday romance and age-old traditions right at one’s fingertips.

Bathed in a luxurious metallic gold base, this design exudes opulence and warmth, reminiscent of candlelit evenings and golden holiday ornaments.

This design is perfect for those who are not only drawn to the aesthetic beauty of the season but also its rich lore and traditions.

For individuals looking to infuse their winter ensemble with a touch of glamour and a sprinkle of holiday magic, the Mistletoe Magic nail design serves as a beautiful emblem of love, festivity, and the enchantment of the season.

12. Pine Forest Frost

Base: Deep green.

Design: Silver frosted pine tree silhouettes.

The Pine Forest Frost acrylic nail design transports wearers and onlookers alike into the heart of a serene winter forest.

With a deep green base evoking the rich hue of evergreen pine needles, the design embodies the tranquility and majesty of nature’s evergreen wonders.

It serves as a gentle reminder of nature’s quiet moments — of frosted mornings where the world seems to stand still.

For those seeking a blend of elegance and a connection with the natural world, Pine Forest Frost offers a touch of woodland magic and winter’s serene embrace.


13. Twinkling Fireplace

Base: Brick red.

Design: Flecks of orange and yellow to simulate fireplace embers.

This nail design encapsulates the cozy warmth and intimate glow of a hearthside evening.

With a brick red base reminiscent of the rustic charm of an old-fashioned fireplace, this design immediately evokes feelings of comfort.

It’s perfect for those winter evenings when one yearns for the simple comforts of home and the mesmerizing dance of flames.

For individuals drawn to the allure of nostalgia, comfort, and the simple pleasures of life, the Twinkling Fireplace design offers a piece of that warmth, right at their fingertips.


14. Icicle Drips

Base: Iridescent blue.

Design: White icicles dripping from the nail tips.


The Icicle Drips acrylic nail design captures the mesmerizing beauty of winter’s transient artwork, embodying the essence of a frosty morning.

This design is a visual delight for those enchanted by winter’s delicate touch, the way it transforms the mundane into exquisite ice sculptures.

It’s for the dreamers, the nature lovers, and those who find beauty in the fleeting moments, like the thawing of an icicle under the sun’s gentle caress.

For those looking to carry a piece of winter’s magic wherever they go, the Icicle Drips design offers a chilly, yet enchanting elegance.

15. Cocoa & Marshmallows

Base: Chocolate brown.

Design: White dots to represent marshmallows.

The Cocoa & Marshmallows acrylic nail design is a sweet homage to the classic comfort beverage that defines cold winter days and cozy evenings indoors.

With a delectable chocolate brown base, it effortlessly evokes the rich and creamy texture of a freshly brewed cup of hot cocoa.

For those who cherish the comfort and warmth that a cup of cocoa brings on a chilly day, the Cocoa & Marshmallows design offers a delicious touch of winter coziness right at their fingertips.

16. Winter Lace

Base: Pale blue.

Design: Delicate white lace patterns.

The Winter Lace acrylic nail design is an exquisite fusion of elegance and the ethereal beauty of the season.

This design resonates with those who appreciate the sophisticated and timeless allure of lace and the quiet magic of winter.

It’s perfect for individuals seeking a design that is both delicate and statement-making, a reflection of nature’s intricate artistry.

For lovers of elegance and the poetic beauty of a winter’s day, the Winter Lace design offers a touch of refined grace and the charm of a frosty tableau.

17. Crystalized Branches

Base: Twilight purple.

Design: Silver branches with crystal-like patterns.

The Crystalized Branches acrylic nail design beautifully encapsulates the enchanting transformation of nature during a frosty winter’s eve.

The twilight purple base evokes the deep, mysterious hues of a winter dusk, a canvas for the world’s nocturnal wonders.

For those enchanted by the union of nature’s strength and fragility, and the splendor of winter nights, the Crystalized Branches design offers a dreamy slice of the season’s most magical moments.

18. Frozen Waterfall

Base: Cerulean blue.

Design: Streaks of lighter blue and white to simulate cascading frozen water.

The Frozen Waterfall acrylic nail design captures the majestic splendor of nature’s winter masterpieces.

Anchored by a cerulean blue base, it paints a vision of deep, icy waters, undisturbed and serene.

It’s for those who find awe in nature’s powerful yet delicate transformations, where movement meets stillness in a breathtaking spectacle.

For individuals captivated by the magic of frozen landscapes and the spellbinding beauty of halted motion, the Frozen Waterfall design offers a glimpse into one of winter’s most mesmerizing phenomena.

19. Starlit Sky

Base: Deep indigo.

Design: Silver and gold stars with occasional shooting star details.


The Starlit Sky acrylic nail design evokes the boundless wonder of a clear winter night.

This design is for the dreamers, those who gaze upwards in awe and wonder, finding stories and dreams amidst the starry patterns.

For those who believe in the magic of starlit wishes and the mysteries of the night, the Starlit Sky design is a fragment of the cosmos, right at their fingertips.

20. Enchanted Snowglobe

Base: Snowy white.

Design: Tiny winter scenes or Christmas tree silhouettes with shimmer.

The Enchanted Snowglobe acrylic nail design transports its admirer to a miniature world of winter wonder.

It’s for those who cherish the magic of the festive season and the timeless allure of miniature wonders.

For anyone enchanted by the idea of holding a tiny winter realm in the palm of their hand, the Enchanted Snowglobe design offers that fairy-tale magic on their nails.

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