Should I Wear Makeup? 12 Reason To Consider It

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You’re considering starting to wear makeup, but you aren’t sure if it is the right decision.

Wearing makeup can be an incredible form of self-expression.

It can make you more attractive.

It can even make you feel more confident!

If you are thinking about wearing makeup, here are 12 reasons you might want to start!


Should I Wear Makeup? 12 Reason To Consider It


1. To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Makeup artist applying foundation


This is probably the top reason people choose to wear makeup.

The best makeup styles are centered on enhancing your natural beauty.

If you have incredible, plump lips, you can draw attention to them with bright lipstick! If you have beautiful blue eyes, surrounding them in with a dark shadow can make them pop even more.

Here are some ways you can use makeup to enhance your natural beauty:


A. Line Your Eyes

Using eyeliner can help draw attention to your eyes.

This is an especially good trick for those who have particularly stunning eyes.

If you have bright blue or green eyes, you are going to want to attract attention to them.


B. Use a Bold Lipstick

If you have plump lips, bold lipstick is going to be a great choice to make them stand out.

A bold lipstick can also draw attention to your smile if you have particularly white or straight teeth.

Even if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight or white, many people like imperfect smiles.

Dark lipstick can actually make your teeth appear whiter than they really are.


C. Use a BB Cream

Using a BB cream instead of a heavy foundation is a great way to achieve a more natural look where your unique beauty can shine through.

This is an especially great choice if you have beauty marks or freckles.

It can smooth out your skin without covering up these beautiful features.


D. Use Mascara

This is a great way to subtly enhance your natural beauty.

It’s a particularly good move if you have light brown or even blonde eyelashes.

If you are naturally blonde, you might have very luscious lashes, but they might be difficult to see!

Coating them in mascara reveals to the world what is already there.


2. As a Form of Individual Expression

Close up of girl with closed eye and glitter eyes


Many people see makeup as a way for women to make themselves more attractive to men.

While makeup can serve that purpose, it can also be an important form of self-expression.

Many people use makeup to communicate what sub-culture they are a part of.

Goth girls often sport pale skin and black lips.

Representing your subculture with makeup allows people to assume a little bit about the kind of interests you might have.

It can make it easier to connect with like-minded people.

A lot of girls stick with natural-looking makeup, which is fine.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your individuality, makeup looks can be the perfect way to do it.

Makeup has come a long way from when it was first invented.

Nowadays, you can find shadows, eyeliners, and even mascaras in every color of the rainbow.


3. To Make Money

Beautiful makeup artist applying concealer


If you get good enough at doing your own makeup, you might even be able to make money with this skill.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly wage of a makeup artist in 2022 was $59.80 per hour.

The mean annual wage was $124,380.

Many people believe that makeup is superficial, but in reality, it is a high-paying skill set.

The numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are focused on theatrical and performance-related makeup artists.

However, many other industries require makeup artists.

Take, for example, the wedding industry.

According to The Knot, the average cost of wedding makeup in 2021 was $115.

That is for a fairly natural look for just one person.

However, it has become customary for many brides to get their bridesmaids’ makeup done as well.

Some brides even pay for their mothers to get their makeup done.

This can result in a huge payday for makeup artists!

The wonderful thing about being a makeup artist in the wedding industry is the sheer amount of potential work.

According to the New York Times, experts are predicting that there will be 2.5 million weddings in 2022.

That is a ton of potential work!


4. Look Professional

Selective focus of makeup artist


We aren’t saying that makeup is a must for the workplace.

However, sporting well-done makeup can make you look more professional.

Some professions are even going to require you to do makeup.

For example, if you are working on TV, makeup is a must.

Actors and actresses get their makeup done by professionals.

Did you know that most news anchors actually have to do their own makeup, though?

In corporate America, you might have more career success if you wear makeup.

Just like how men are expected to wear a suit and tie, women can benefit from doing themselves up a little more than normal.

Some people might say it isn’t fair that women who wear makeup get a leg up in the professional world.

Maybe that is true, but you don’t want to prevent yourself from getting ahead by coming to work looking sloppy.

The key to doing makeup that looks professional is to stick with looks that are either classic or natural.

Unless you work in the beauty or art industry, it is probably best to avoid looks that are too bold in the workplace.

Makeup can help out your career by making you feel confident and look powerful.

Imagine the character of a powerful woman in your head.

How is she dressed?

What does she look like?

She probably isn’t in her pajamas with her hair in knots.

Putting together your look each day can help you play the part of a powerful woman.

If people perceive you as powerful and put together, they are more likely to give you opportunities.

Fake it until you make it!


5. It Can Increase Your Confidence

Make Up Model On Pink


Some people see makeup as a crutch.

However, there is no shame in taking pride in your appearance.

Putting yourself together each day before you leave the house can be a great form of self-care.

By putting on makeup, you communicate to yourself that you care how you look.

You also communicate to others when you put on makeup.

When people see you have taken the time to look good, it lets them know that you value yourself.

Think about how you feel when you see a guy who clearly doesn’t take care of himself.

Perhaps his hair is wild and overgrown.

His clothing choice is lazy, and his clothes are stained and wrinkled.

Would you have much respect for this man?

Probably not.

You would probably assume he doesn’t respect himself, either.

Men don’t have the option of wearing makeup.

For women, it can be a simple way to tell the world you care about yourself.

Another reason makeup can increase your confidence is that it can change how people respond to you.

Think about the sloppy man we imagined earlier.

How would you respond if he came up to you and started to hit on you?

Probably negatively.

You would likely feel annoyed and uncomfortable.

Now imagine a man with a perfectly groomed beard wearing a suit.

His hair is nicely combed into the latest style.

He is fit and clearly takes care of his health and his appearance.

How would you feel if this man came up to you? Probably flattered.

In the same way that your response to a man will be changed by his appearance, people’s response to you will also be changed by your appearance.

When people respond positively to you, it immediately boosts your confidence.


6. It Can Be Therapeutic

Appealing lady enjoying the process of self makeup


Rituals can be important for mental health.

If you enjoy doing your makeup, making it a daily practice can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Having a routine in the morning can help you set yourself up for success later on in the day.

Doing your makeup after you wake up can be a technique to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

If you do your makeup before going out for the night, that can also be therapeutic.

For example, if you are a busy mom, you might feel like you’ve lost your identity in motherhood.

You used to be a young woman with desires and dreams.

Now, though, your life revolves around sustaining the lives of your children.

Putting on makeup before a date night out can completely transform how you feel about yourself.

If you are a mother, it can be a way of reminding yourself that you are an individual.

This can also apply to women who have demanding jobs or who are going through a tough time in life.

Sometimes when life gets hard, you can feel a loss of identity.

Doing things to get in touch with your playful and feminine side can help ground you in your own identity.


7. Makeup Can Make You Appear Younger

Beautiful woman face


One of the wonderful things about makeup is that it can hide signs of aging.

This can help women feel more confident, even into their advanced years.

There is nothing wrong with aging.

Makeup won’t undo aging, but that isn’t its purpose.

Tastefully done makeup can help you age more gracefully.

The trick to doing makeup when you are a bit older is to moisturize.

Not only do you want to moisturize beforehand, but you also want to make sure to select moisturizing products.

For example, use a liquid foundation or creamy concealer.

You want to avoid powders if you can.

Powders can settle into wrinkles and make them appear more noticeable.

Definitely, throw out that powder foundation if you have reached the point in life where you have visible lines on your face.

You can also opt for cream blush and highlighter to give yourself even more of a youthful glow.

Here are a couple of other tricks you can use.

Make sure to always line your lips and eyes.

Remember, when you line your eyes, stay away from putting liner on the bottom! Instead, just apply it to your top lash line.

This will help lift the eye and give you a more youthful appearance.

Glitter can also give you a youthful look, but you don’t want to go overboard.

A little bit of glitter on the cheeks can be great, but sticking with a matte eyeshadow is probably going to be your best bet when it comes to your eyes.

With well-done makeup, strangers might not even be able to accurately guess how old you are!


8. To Attract a Partner

Happy beautiful couple spending time


No matter your age or sexual orientation, makeup can be a great way to attract a partner!

Not only can it make you look better, but it can also make you more confident.

Showing off your individuality can also play a huge role in attracting a partner.

The right partner is going to appreciate you for who you are as an individual.

Wearing makeup that shows off your individuality can help send a signal to the right person.

People are attracted to people who take pride in their appearance.

Getting ready each day is a way to show the world that you care about how you look.

First impressions matter a lot.

If you are ready all the time, that means you are always going to start on the right foot.

We aren’t saying that a bad hair day here or there is going to ruin your chance at love.

All we’re saying is that if you put a little effort into your appearance, you are probably going to have an easier time of it when you do meet the right person.

Men are conditioned to be more attracted to women who wear makeup.

In the media, we always see women wearing makeup.

Whether it is an actress or a news reporter, anyone on the screen is done-up.

That doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a Hollywood star each day.

It just means that you might have more success if you do yourself up a bit each morning.


9. It Can Increase Your Artistic Abilities

Portrait of a young dark-skinned woman applying makeup


At the end of the day, makeup is a fine art just like painting.

It involves color, intricate movements, and an eye for design.

We would say that is a valuable way to spend your time!

Hobbies can have value just because they are fun, but increasing your skills never hurts.

By doing different makeup looks every day, you will learn so much about your personal style.

You will play around with colors and shapes.

You can integrate texture and glitter if you want to really get creative!

The more you go into the makeup world, the more potential for creativity you will discover.

What might start as learning a simple natural look could turn into a passion for crazy costume makeup.

You never know until you try!

If you are an artist, these skills might actually transfer to your main profession.

Painting your eyelid is a bit different than painting a canvas.

The skills are definitely somewhat transferable, though.

The nice thing about makeup is that it provides a different challenge from traditional art forms.

Painting on a canvas is more straightforward in certain aspects.

For one thing, you are using a flat surface.

When you are applying makeup, you are required to work on a surface with different contours.

Additionally, makeup provides a variety of different textures to work with.

In painting, you typically are working with only liquid.

When drawing, you are only working with pencils.

Makeup combines a variety of different textures and products.

In one morning, you can find yourself using liquid foundation, cream contour, cheek stain, a sticky gloss, and many other products.


10. Cover Up Flaws & Correct Blemishes

Woman applying concealer around eyes


This is probably one of the most common reasons many women wear makeup.

In addition to enhancing your natural beauty, makeup can help cover up any flaws you might have.

If you have acne or skin discoloration, a foundation can easily fix it.

If you have eyelashes or eyebrows that are so blonde they are practically non-existent, a little mascara and brow pencil can help your eyes come alive.

There is an important thing you need to keep in mind, though.

Makeup can cause blemishes too!

Makeup can be one of the main causes of acne.

Even if you already had acne before you started to wear makeup, you might notice your acne getting worse.

If you are going to use makeup to correct blemishes, you must remember to choose acne-friendly makeup.

Some makeup is formulated specifically for those who have acne.

This is especially important to look for when selecting a foundation.

Foundation has the highest chance of causing a breakout or making an existing breakout worse.

This is why it is important to choose a foundation that will help your blemishes instead of hurting them.


11. Look Good to Feel Good (And Outperform)

Young woman with colorful hair holding lipstick


Many people think that if you make yourself look better, you will feel better!

It seems that there is some truth to this idea.

There is even a name for this psychological phenomenon.

It is called the “lipstick effect”.

As we talked about earlier, wearing makeup can boost your confidence.

However, a study has shown that wearing makeup can also potentially boost cognitive functioning.

They are guessing that part of the reason for this effect is the boost in confidence that women get when they wear makeup.

Feeling good can help improve your performance, so it’s not just superficial to put on makeup before a big test.

It could actually help you out!


12. To Have Fun and Build Relationships

Joyful woman holding face foundation


This might seem like a simple reason, but having fun is an important part of life.

Makeup can be a hobby that brings joy to your life.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be gifted in the art of makeup, it can still be worth wearing if you have fun doing it.

Makeup can even be a bonding experience.

Many girls have fond memories of evenings spent with their friends putting on makeup for an event.

Sometimes girls put on makeup just for the fun of it, even if they aren’t going anywhere in particular.

Think about all of those movies with scenes of friends doing each other’s hair and makeup at night during a sleepover.

Makeup doesn’t just build relationships between friends, though.

It can also help build up family relationships.

Many sisters get ready side-by-side each morning in their bathroom.

Daughters often have fond memories of trying on their mother’s makeup and clothes.

Mothers can take pleasure in teaching their daughters the art of makeup when they are old enough to learn.

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